How to Remove Money Blocks and Let Abundance Flow Endlessly?

If you have practiced every manifestation technique in the world and still struggle from abundance, then you are probably facing a money block. Hey, money blocks are not blocks or stones with loads of money, but mental blocks that stop you from manifesting money and financial abundance. In this article, we will guide you on how to remove money blocks, but we will also describe to you how you can identify them and recognize their root cause.

Yes, we are going to pull it out from the roots before they grow up in full-fledged blocks. So, let us start.

Money Blocks : Meaning and Reason for their existence

As the name suggests, money blocks are the barriers or obstacles in your belief system that governs the money manifestation and financial abundance. It prevents your thought patterns and related flow from reaching the final destination of financial abundance. Yes, the thoughts or the blocks are non-physical, while your end goal is money which is purely physical.

Having understood the meaning of money blocks, here are the reasons for having them in your mind. Since childhood, our minds are exposed to several thoughts and opinions from others about money. All these opinions and beliefs embed in our minds and get conditioned. During the early childhood years of our life, we receive plenty of knowledge about money, but it is not always right. All this knowledge does not become a part of your wisdom but converts into limiting beliefs and money blocks.

For example, your parents must have already told you that your family has always been bad with money and has never been able to invest properly (no matter what they do). They must have said this a thousand times and also taken relevant actions. So, you develop such a limiting belief and convert it into a money block and keep you away from the goal of financial abundance.

But we would like to stress the point that money blocks do not form shape because of your fault. Hence, stop blaming yourself for taking in all your parents’ false opinions and beliefs. Moreover, you should not be furious or disappointed with your parents and squabble with them. It will lead to nothing. Just let it go and take the initiative to identify the money blocks and get rid of them.

Common Types of Money Blocks and How to Identify Them?

Since the identification of money blocks is the first step to its removal, let us go through some of the common types of these blocks. Money blocks emerge from several emotions such as showing lack of money or being desperate for it, and having a negative approach towards money and abundance.

Money blocks that show desperation for money

“I will always be in this debt and never get out of it.”

“If I have money, I will be happy and have many friends and relatives.”

“If I don’t have money, I will be a total loser.”

Money blocks that show a lack of money and its justification

“I don’t have money because the money comes to those who are mean and do illegal jobs.”

“I don’t have money because I don’t want to be a selfish person.”

“I don’t have money because I don’t work hard, and I never can do it.”

Money blocks that show a negative approach towards money

“I don’t like money because people fight because of it.”

“I hate money because rich people are ruthless.”

“I hate money because I hate inflation and the country’s economy.”

You need to show respect towards money and not criticize or blame it or be desperate to earn money. You need to reflect on your mind and identify which of the following money blocks you have. Once you do it, get ready for its removal.

How to get rid of Money Blocks?

1. Inspire yourself with the concept of money

It is not with whom you spend most of the time. It is also what kind of information you consume the whole day. It could be books, videos, podcasts, movies, music, and even suggestions and opinions from friends. This is what leads to group consciousness when there is collective absorption of similar experiences and manifestation out of it.

You must have heard of money-related success stories of many people after reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” or the latest trending one, “The Psychology of Money.” If you have read it, you have also become a part of the overall vibrations that the book has emitted.

So, evaluate what kind of external resources you consume and whether it aligns with your money goals? Plan out a money inspiration strategy in which you can add all books, videos, movies, and other stuff related to positive money vibes.

2. Express gratitude for the money you received

Whenever you receive an amount (no matter how tiny it would be), record it down in a notebook. You can create a special notebook for recording all the incomes you receive (and not just for the monthly budgeting you do). When you do this, you will focus on the receiving mode and not on the non-receiving mode. You will be more focused on the blessings and not on the things you don’t have.

You don’t have to be embarrassed over the little amounts, every amount is an achievement, and you should be proud and thankful for it. As you practice this technique, you can get rid of the negative thoughts you have. You will notice that as you thank for the money, you will have more massive opportunities to thank for in the future. You simply create momentum through gratitude and attracting more such avenues.

3. Try to rewire your subconscious mind

As you rewire an electrical circuit to make it work effectively, you can also rewire your subconscious mind to make it work without any obstructions. It takes time for the rewiring process to happen, but once you do it, the money blocks will be out of the question. You need to identify negative patterns overruling money and replace those with positive thoughts.

Rewiring can be done by yourself with the help of techniques such as meditation, visualization, and continuous positive self-talk. Or you can resort to techniques like guided hypnosis and related tracks. Ensure that these guided hypnosis programs are related to money manifestation and not generic ones.

4. Practice charity wherever possible

Charity doesn’t mean you have to donate thousands of bucks every day but do a mindful and kind money deed for someone. In this way, you will not be scared of letting go of money and never feel that rich people are ruthless towards others. It is because you have taken the step to become a kind and generous rich person.

So, share a packet of your favourite snacks with a colleague, buy a coffee for a friend or donate a packet of biscuits to an underprivileged child at the traffic signal. When you help others or do something kind and meaningful, you attract the like from the Universe. You will notice that people have more faith in you, and you too have in others and the Universe.

5. Play a visualization game

If you are bored of the tedious manifestation techniques, it is time to play games and have fun. Place a 100 dollar note in your wallet. Then, whenever you feel like purchasing a nice thing yourself, visualize. Imagine that you have entered a shop, handed over the note to the shopkeeper, and purchased the thing. Feel the emotion when you buy, and that you have it in your life. Of course, you will be excited to have it in your home. Then, open your wallet and see the same currency note but treat it as new.

With this simple game, you will never feel the ‘lack of’ emotion and always feel that you have money with you. This is an entertaining way to trick your mind into having funds all the time and experiencing the happiness out of it. Play this game whenever you can, and let go of the money blocks.

6. Practice affirmations in front of the mirror

Generally, affirmations are powerful statements portraying a positive approach towards money or other desire or goal. Let us provide a step-by-step guide for this technique.

  1. Choose a calm place and stand in front of the mirror. It will be preferably your bedroom but ensure that no one is there to feel confident and better.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror for some time and experience a comfortable feeling.
  3. Draft an affirmation (money-related) and repeat it, or you can even recite the script of your ideal life.
  4. Do this once a day and experience the positive emotions out of it.

You don’t have to follow any format or specific script from online resources. You can prepare on your own, based on your money blocks and a positive speech that overcomes it.

It could be like this, “Hey ____ I love you the way you are. You are an incredible person, and you are a kind, generous and affluent person. You have a business that attracts lucrative income all year round and lucrative opportunities. You accomplish each money-related goal confidently and quickly and overcome every challenge successfully.”

As you implement this exercise, you create trust and faith in yourself and feel nice about money and overall life. You directly influence your thoughts and beliefs and overrule any kind of negativity. You are also successful in erasing the confusion, criticism, or blame you have rooted in yourself for years. However, ensure that you speak confidently and have true feelings about abundance. Manifestation becomes easier with this technique.

7. Observe what you speak

When there is a financial situation or problem, watch what you talk to yourself and others. Do you often say, “I cannot afford this,” or do you repeat your money problems to others with a solid justification that it will always remain the same till eternity? Do you mock your situation, saying, “You need to sell your house to afford something?” Even if you make fun of your financial situation to cheer yourself up, you are using the Law of Attraction in an incorrect way.

Negative words attract negativity. It means if you complain about not affording a basic lifestyle, you will always find problems in your lifestyle. This is nothing but a money block. Hence, identify your negative language and replace it with a consciously positive one. For example, say that, “This does not align with my current money goals. I will try next time.” You will yourself feel much better and witness the magic in a few days from the Universe.

In a nutshell, money blocks are the obstacles in the path of money manifestation. You can get rid of these blocks and attract wealth and abundance. Implement the above methods, and you can be financially free and happy in life. Just give a few minutes, play visualization games and talk optimistically and feel a striking difference.

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