How to avoid negative thoughts during the manifestation process?

Avoid Negative Thoughts During Manifestation

Does negative thought pop up in your mind while manifesting? Here is a guide on how to avoid negative thoughts during manifesting process.

Imagine yourself in a deep, meditative state in which you are trying to visualize your ideal life as a successful entrepreneur. You see yourself as winning, thriving, succeeding in all facets of the business industry. You are happy, joyful, and cheerful about your new life in an ultra-modern new world. But suddenly, a thought pops up in your mind without sending you a formal invitation of any kind.

‘What if recession hits and I won’t be able to hit my targets?’

Yes, this is not a random question but a negative thought that will disrupt you, leaving you perplexed and stressed out and kick you out of the visualization process. For the next few days, you will be worried only about the recession, long is the question of manifestation of your desires.

At the foremost, let us explain to you this is perfectly normal. As a human mind, it is entangled in thousands of thoughts, and it is okay to have one negative thought. But the problem arises when you welcome the negative thought and let it stay and play in your mind for the next few days or forever. It is alright to experience this terrible occurrence of negative thoughts, but if you let them establish their presence strongly in your mind, you will be going through havoc and not be able to manifest at all.

Your affirmations are ready, your beautiful vision board is on the wall, our visualization techniques are in place, but if they are invaded by even one negative thought, your manifestation will be in a state of obstacles. Your subconscious calls you unknowingly and says that it won’t happen even if your conscious mind is trying to focus on the desires and dreams. It takes you to the past; it reminds you of the uncertain future and does not let you concentrate on the present moment. You won’t even recognize how one negative thought has given birth to a thousand like them and invaded your mind completely.

Your subconscious is tampered, leading your conscious mind to let the ego take over and block all your efforts to try. You believe that if you try, you will fail, and you don’t chase after your dreams henceforth. Having negative thoughts is common; it is not your personality defect or a thing to be ashamed of. But you are not supposed to provide a permanent shelter to these thoughts as they are more powerful than the positive ones.

How to stop the cycle of unwanted negative thoughts?

Have you ever thought that the Law of Attraction seems to be like a magical potion and it is simply magic that happens in other lives? Do you also believe that it won’t happen in your life? Or do you claim yourself to be realistic and practical and do not believe in such natural laws?

This is where the cycle of negative thoughts starts. Negative thoughts are not real, do not rename them as practical thoughts. You should not dwell on negative thoughts because social media, news channels, and TV is all about them. Due to the presence of such channels, negative thoughts pop up in your mind easily. Then, your childhood is governed by the opinions, judgments, and psychological patterns of your family members and people around you.

As you grow up with friends and family, your thoughts are influenced by their opinions too, and it is likely to attract negative thinking patterns from them. But our suggestion is to let go of all these thoughts and judgments and stop creating a place for them in your mind. You create a layer of resistance with the help of these negative thoughts, and we want you to break this resistance for better manifestation.

Henceforth, when you observe a negative thought entering your mind, observe it carefully, do not judge it, identify its source and simply let it go. You are not supposed to let it dwell in your mind. Accept it and get rid of it.

How to accept negative thoughts without affecting the manifestation process?

You do not have to hate negative thoughts or avoid them, as the more you resist, the more they will become stronger and appear in your mind. Instead, you have to accept them peacefully and not let them impact your manifestation process.

You need to understand that several factors such as childhood, social conditioning, and society have given birth to negative thoughts. But you should let your ego adopt them. And most importantly, you are not to blame for negative thinking as it happens with every person.

Following are the steps you can take to accept negative thinking and not let it affect your process of manifestation.

1. Express gratitude wholeheartedly despite the lousy thoughts you have

It is obvious that when you are in a pool of negative thoughts, you feel bad about everything you have. Even if you have a lot of things, you feel you do not have anything with you. Maybe you are so engrossed in negative thinking that you don’t see the silver lining and fail to remind yourself that you are in a better condition.

When you practice the Law of Attraction, you need to understand that gratitude or being grateful for what you have is the highest vibration you can release in the world. Your mind is cleansed and replaced with positive thoughts immediately.

Expressing gratitude lets you stay in the present and not stress about the past or future. You can make it a daily habit by bowing to the sun for a new day, writing in a journal, or being kind to others. There are several techniques to practice gratitude, but you need to implement them with consistency. It is hard to thank the Universe when you are in a mess of negative thoughts, but when you are grateful, you will automatically feel better and cheerful. Hence, follow this step from today and get rid of the lousy patterns.

2. Identify the kind of thoughts you experience

When you are defensive and try to fight these negative thoughts, you cannot identify their source and stop them from popping up. But when you are peaceful and accept the negative thoughts, you know the source very well and try to halt them. As you figure out the root cause of these thoughts, you can identify the thought patterns and learn more about your ego system.

Your ego is a funny thing. It doubts the positivity in your mind, letting you not accept it easily. But when it comes to negative thoughts, the same ego welcomes them and lets your mind be scared of failure. When you identify the clashing of ego and negative thoughts and study the overall process, you can be aware of the future triggers and possibilities. When you know a negative thought is arriving at your mind’s doorstep, you can be ready to stop it from coming.

You can do the following when you observe a negative thought in your mind:

  1. Determine the underlying thought that caused negativity in your mind.
  2. Analyse the body sensations when a negative thought enters your mind. Do you feel in the stomach or have problems in breathing, or do you feel that you are sweating?
  3. Learn more about negative thought. Does it have a purpose, or is it trying to act as a shield from anything? Remember, some negative thoughts can help you protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.
  4. If your negative thoughts affect your mental and physical health, you ought to know more about it.

A negative thought might prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone and create a layer of fear in your mind. If this layer acts like a protective layer, it is good for you as you can make better, informed decisions. But if not, your ego will be welcoming negative thoughts.

3. Don’t be a victim of comparison syndrome

Negativity can arise from different things, and one of the terrible possibilities is the comparison syndrome. It is easy to compare these days. In fact, you don’t even have to pay for comparison; it is a gift from the digital world. When you are occupied with the mindless comparison task, you lose the feeling you have about yourself.

You do not feel special and grateful about life anymore. All that you want is what others have, and you feel bad that you don’t have it. When you notice that you are losing joy due to the comparison syndrome, do the following things:

  1. Understand that people show only happy things on social media. You need to be happy and cheerful from within and not display your signs of happiness to others.
  2. The Law of Attraction states that you need to be happy about others’ success and not be jealous or envious of them. If you feel bad about others, you will keep feeling the same in the future.
  3. You are unique, and you don’t have to wear the clothes or visit the places that people on social media do. Establish your own identity and define happiness in your own way.

4. Overcome social conditioning

Accusations, abuse, and labelling done during childhood have a long-term impact on the human mind. But let us tell you the truth. You have to let off all the inflictions done to you by society, neighbours, teachers or even your loved ones, your family. These inflictions have nothing to do with what you are and your overall future. You need to jerk off this blanket of negativity and welcome cheerfulness in your life.

Releasing the past trauma takes time. You might even need the support of your loved ones or a good therapist to let go of it. You don’t have to be afraid of labels and what people will say. You need to understand that the Universe is your friend and mentor henceforth, and you have to comply with it. Hence, when any past trauma experience comes into your mind, distract yourself consciously from it and remind you that it is not your future or even present. Feel grateful for the moment you have, devoid of any labels and any manipulation from others.

5. Practice the Law of Attraction techniques

Repeating affirmations is the best thing you can do yourself to avoid negative thoughts. As you remind yourself how strong, powerful, and happy you are, you don’t have to worry about the negativity around you.

Visualize yourself with positive surroundings. Yes, we talked about the negative thoughts blocking the process of manifestation when you visualize, but it doesn’t imply you need to stop the Law of Attraction practices. In the initial days, you will experience a few hardships, but you will get the hang of it subsequently.

6. Do not let negativity impact your healthy lifestyle

Stress, anxiety, and sadness can tamper with your daily routine, including healthy habits you need to build for an excellent future.

The first step is to eat healthy foods in your daily diet. Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, lean meat, eggs, sprouts, pulses and cereals, and whole grains – all these should be in your meals. Never skip breakfast just because you are feeling low in the morning. Stop eating junk food as it will you feel cranky and frumpy all the time.

The next thing is to exercise daily. Include at least 30-40 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. You can also add other habits to your lifestyle such as waking up early in the morning, reading, meditation, reducing screentime, etc. You will notice the change in your thoughts and behaviour as you adopt more healthy habits.

In a nutshell, we cannot stop negative thoughts from entering our minds. But we can surely work on those through acceptance and not letting them impact your manifestation process. You are awesome, remind this to yourself often, and we bet you will manifest your desires and dreams soon.

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