Can You Manifest While in Depression?

can You Manifest with Depression?

Seriously, depression is real and can be cured, but if you don’t want to sit and wait until it is over, you need to understand how you can achieve goals and desires when you feel low. People think that when they follow the Law of Attraction, they need to be happy all the time. Therefore, they cannot afford to stay depressed and manifest; the theory doesn’t seem to work. Like attracts like in the Law of Attraction, you might think that you will attract depression as you are already depressed.

So, what is the truth? Should you wait till the wave of depression fades away, or should you accept the phase and manifest as you can?

Manifestation and Depression

The truth is you can manifest even if you are feeling depressed. We all live a life that is unpredictable and not a bed of roses. Hence, we undergo several worries, depressive episodes, anxiety, and low mood swings in life that we have to deal with. There is no perfect option for it. However, you can hear several stories of people who had manifested even when they were depressed. So, there is no stringent rule or practice that you need to be happy all the time to manifest your desires.

First of all, let us get over the myth and inter-connection of depression and Law of Attraction vibes, and then, we will list out all the ways to manifest even while you are depressed. So, be ready!

The Myth of Law of Attraction High Vibes and Depression

To manifest your desires as per the Law of Attraction, you need to maintain high vibration levels. We all know this universal truth. When you have low vibrations, you are doubtful, scared, anxious, and depressed and always suffer from ‘a lack’ feeling. This is because when you are on a low frequency, you convey the same negative vibes to the Universe and attract those. However, when you are on a high vibrational level, you emit feelings of gratitude and happiness and attract the same. Hence, you need to be high in energy and joy and live life to attract the life you want.

If you have been reading this carefully, we know it must be heartbreaking to read it as you are on a low vibrational level right now, and cannot force yourself to smile and laugh in joy. Also, we all are not always on a high vibe. Some of us live a simplistic and standard way of living. We can’t be bubbly, talkative, and happy all the time; it is just not our personality type. We might not smile all the time; this does not mean we are not happy.

As a result, an expert can infer that manifestation is a personalized aspect and differs from person to person. We need to know our emotional baseline and act accordingly. We cannot just get into the box and expect things to work in a certain way. Your emotional baseline might be 2 or 3 because of the low feelings you have, and differs from others. But this doesn’t imply that you cannot balance your emotions, right? You might be feeling low, but one day, you might wake up, get refreshed, and do a half an hour workout. Yes, you have just got on high vibration. There will be times when you will feel good about yourself (though not awesome), but you need to catch those moments and utilize the same.

As you identify such times when you are on a high vibrational level, you can set intentions and implement the manifestation techniques. It will be an ultimate confidence-booster and a call to the Universe for good vibes.

How to set an intention and consider the Law of Attraction when you are depressed?

Finding your emotional baseline is the best thing to do before you set intentions. Even when you are slightly better than your usual depressive condition, you can sit and take time to set an intention. Obviously, you want to get out of the depression, but do not set it as your intention. Think from a macro point of view and think about your vision in life. Create goals based on that. You can write, speak, record, choose whatever medium is comfortable for you. Our point is to set intentions when you are feeling a little bit okay and not when you are on the lowest vibration. If you have an episode, be careful and not force yourself to feel better.

How to get out of the lowest vibrations easily?

It happens that you reach the lowest level of your emotional baseline, and returning to the original point becomes a huge challenge. You will feel stressed out, helpless, lonely, grief, and also panic and anxious at this stage. It becomes tedious to get out of the bed, long is the task of creating a vision board or meditating. It is also a time-waster, and you realize it later in your life.

Hence, it is essential to accept each emotion’s phase and dig in the flow without judging yourself. Stay in bed and get out only when you are comfortable. If you don’t want to attend a nagging friend’s call, it is okay. If you want to eat an ice cream, relish it without guilt. You need to adjust with the time and space you have to get to the original emotional baseline.

Take care of yourself, and this will be your manifestation routine and nothing else. When you eat a nutritious meal, your vibration will increase, and that’s what a manifestation routine will look like. You don’t have to visualize or listen to a guided hypnosis track; just shower and spend time with quality people, and that will be called a routine. So, don’t push yourself and just carry out the things that make you feel a little better and pick up to your emotional baseline.

Depression does not hinder the manifestation

Fix your mindset first. If you have been having this misconception in mind that once you feel low, the whole manifestation will go haywire, then take it away from your mindset. All the days of our life are not the same. We are human beings, and we can feel different in our life. It is wrong that we will be happy all the time. If there is no dissatisfaction, will there be no intention to achieve anything bigger or acquire something in life?

Hence, expecting life to be normal all the time is wrong. So, when you set an intention towards the Universe, depression cannot ruin it. Don’t worry; it will never be stopped. But it will become a little slower. You have not missed anything, and you can still take the initiative and manifest your desires. Erase this limiting belief, and you will find several things clearer. Focus on each day, raise your vibration a little higher and let yourself accept and experience the emotions you have been going through. The Universe will manage everything; you simply need to fix your mindset and put in some effort.

How to manifest desires while being depressed?

Let us get to the core of this article. You might be aware of the several manifestation techniques available on the internet, but you can read the following tips and connect to the current situation. You will find the manifestation more possible and easier.

1. Express gratitude for the small things

You might be depressed because you have lost a good job, a loved one, or are undergoing a breakup. It is hard to feel gratitude. But you can certainly take the initiative to express gratitude towards the little things that are going well in your life. It could be the clothes you have, the amenities you have in your home, the parents who love you, or the dog who is always by your side.

Depression is not completely bad; it teaches you a few life lessons in a harsh way. Hence, it is the time to reflect and understand what you have learnt. Once you accept this challenge of depression and overcome it, you will experience a feeling of achievement.

So, maintain a gratitude journal or a jar and put all the little moments that have raised your vibration and made you feel a little better.

2. Go with the momentum

Depression makes you stagnant, and your life will not move unless you take the initiative and get into the momentum. Hence, the second tip is crucial and needs to be followed whenever you experience an emotional crunch. You can set small goals such as showering and working out on that day, or cooking yourself a nutritious meal.

It might start from waking up and getting out of bed, but once you get into the flow, things will start flowing smoothly. The Universe will know that you are working and putting action and are feeling better. As a result, you emit good vibes and expect better vibes from the Universe. As you manifest small things such as a cooked meal, you can set intentions for more extensive and meaningful things in your life.

You will build faith in the Universe due to these short accomplishments. It will make you optimistic and energetic, and the snowball effect theory will take its place eventually. So, intensify your manifestation abilities with your momentum and put energy into the little things you do.

3. Interpret your sadness aptly

If you are all happy, what will you intend? Perhaps, you will be completely satisfied that you will never have a thing to worry about or ask for. Hence, if you are unhappy, take it as a boost to set your intentions in the future. Unhappiness is not damaging to your manifestation process; debunk this myth, and you will perceive depression in a completely different light.

It is natural to view happiness as a productive aspect. Reflect and understand what and why your are lacking and how you can change your life to make it better. You can even record your thoughts and seek insights from them. Use those thoughts to set intentions and not just evaluate your emotional well-being level.

In short, keep moving and going and take each day productively and gradually. No need to rush but don’t reach inferences that you cannot manifest when you are depressed. Even a small step forward can help you achieve your desires, and the Universe will be with you, don’t worry.

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