When You Have Heart Chakra Connection With Someone

The heart chakra is situated in the centre of our chest. It regulates compassion, unity and soul connections.

Heart chakra holds particular importance for those people who are interested in vitalising their decrepit souls.

The heart emits electromagnetic waves that can reach to distant places. They have the power to establish unbelievable telepathic connections.

To become a collective conscious and to develop connections that unite us with other souls, our heart chakra must be free from all sorts of contaminants.

Everything in this world needs clean, sustainable energy to survive. Otherwise, it withers away into nothingness. If our heart chakra is blocked, we even lose the ability to love ourselves.

We retreat to the darkest and deepest corners of our mind where no one can hear us and wallow endlessly in loneliness and sadness.

Establishing a connection with someone requires a fully functioning heart chakra. Love begets love. If all you have for yourself is profound self-hatred, then you can’t expect to love others around you.

How to establish a heart Chakra connection with someone close

A heart chakra can be used to connect with people. But it can only develop between people who are close to one another.

If you have a childhood friend who’s stuck with you your entire life or you’re in a relationship with your soul mate, then you’re in luck. You can create a deep-seated heart connection with them.

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You can share your thoughts with them in absolute silence. You can coddle them with affection, without moving a single muscle.

It’s not a magical spell; it’s just the mesmerising powers of your heart. You only have to learn to harness your heart chakra.

Unleashing its true powers can help you connect with your final one even if they are miles away. Your love can become tangible.

You can crowd the air around them with so much love that it suffocates them. Why do you think people get ill because of lovesickness?

Why do they feel an excruciating pain in the centre of their chest in their lover’s absence? All of this can be attributed to the heart chakra.

People who have realised the true abilities of the heart chakra and honed them have experienced unparalleled love − the kind of love that makes life worth living.

Sings you’ve established a heart connection with someone

1. You feel connected to them on a spiritual level. You feel an intense magnetic pull when you’re around them.

2. You understand their emotions without needing to ask them.

3. You feel a resounding pain in their absence.

4. You can confide in them. Your intuition just tells you that you can trust them wholly.

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5. They make you feel comfortable and secure. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, you always approach them without hesitation.

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