How to Feel God’s Love for You

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God loves and appreciates you…more than you’ll ever know.

The amount of love and appreciation from God that you feel is directly proportionate to how much you are willing to love yourself.

If you beat yourself up, get upset when things don’t go right, tell yourself that there’s something wrong with you, you won’t feel God’s love.

If you don’t appreciate yourself, you won’t feel appreciated by God.

If you hold any grudges or resentments against yourself, you will block what you want the most: God’s love for you.

You have to learn to appreciate yourself before you can accept that God loves you.

You have to love yourself before you feel worthy enough to accept God’s unfailing love.

In God’s eyes, you are perfect.

God is about feeling love itself. God is love.

And since you are created in God’s image, you are love.

God always adores you.

But the only time you can feel His love is when you love yourself…

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…even if you can only love yourself a little bit. It’s enough.

Even that little bit matters.

And the more you love yourself, the more you feel loved by God.

Love yourself a lot, and God’s love will flow to you like the waves flow in the ocean.

When you hate yourself, God still loves you; you just can’t feel it because you are not close enough to connect to it.

But God doesn’t care if you hate or love yourself; that’s your choice. He lets you decide what you want to do.

God’s choice is to always love you…and he rejoices when you choose to love yourself because loving yourself is loving God.

If you choose to love yourself, you will always feel His love.

And what better time to start then now?

Find all the different things you love about yourself.

Even if you can only find one thing, that’s okay. It’s a start. More will come to you.

Focus on what you love about yourself and begin to notice that God’s love is all around you. You can feel it.

Feel the sensation of being surrounded by love.

Feel the depth of God’s love for you. Know that His love is everlasting.

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Take the feeling of God’s love for you and choose to love Him in return, and others as well.

Watch your life transform as you do.

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