What Happens After Your Desire is Fulfilled?

We all want our desires fulfilled. It’s the whole point of learning how to master the Law of Attraction, right?

But did you know that what happens after your desire is fulfilled is the key to Law of Attraction success?

Let me explain…

To manifest your desires, you need to let go and let the Universe be in charge. You also want to imagine how things will turn out every day. When you follow this process, things will resolve exactly as you imagined they would.
Why? The secret lies in your imagination.

When you imagine how things will turn out, you focus on what happens after your desire is fulfilled. The Law of Attraction isn’t about whether what you imagine is real or not, it’s about putting energy into what you WANT to create. So when you think about events as if they’ve already happened, they have no choice but to happen.

For example, let’s say you want to go to Tahiti. If you spend your time imagining saving money for the trip and researching plane tickets, you’re only going to create saving money and researching plane tickets. You’re focusing too much on how things will happen and what needs to occur.

Instead, you want to focus on the end result. What was your experience in Tahiti? What foods did you eat? What was it like to lie on the beach? What wonderful stories do you have to tell your friends and family?

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Your imagined scene should be an assumption of your desire fulfilled. You really want to use all of your senses and emotions to imagine what happens after your desire is fulfilled. Are you in a cafe relaxing as you sip a nice cool drink and see people walking by? Are you jumping up and down in joy as you see the cascading waters of the Fautaua Waterfall because you’re so happy you don’t even notice the water gushing down on you?

Of course, your imagined scene is the only thing you want to think or feel about your desire until it manifests.

Whenever you have some time during the day, close your eyes and go through your imagined scene. Make sure you do this whenever you have any doubts or negative feelings about your desire. You want to immediately replace the doubts and negativity with what you WANT to happen.

Imagine the scene over and over again until it feels completely real, as if you’re remembering an event that already happened.

One day, something will click and you’ll know it’ll happen. This is the ultimate sign that your desire will manifest.

Here is an excerpt from The Power of Unlimited Imagination by Neville Goddard and Margaret Ruth Broome that nicely explains more about imagining what happens after your desire is fulfilled. It’s well worth the read.

Let me now define the technique I want you to employ. Consciousness is the one and only reality. Therefore, you must form the object of your desire out of your own consciousness. People have the tendency of slighting the importance of simple things. The idea of creating a state akin to sleep in order to aid an assumption is so simple it can be slighted, but it is very important.

Scripture gives us this simple formula for changing the future. The first thing you must do is define your objective. Then construct an event which you believe would happen after your desire was fulfilled. Place yourself in the center of this action, knowing you are the predominant one. Now, immobilize your physical body and induce a state akin to sleep. Mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action by imagining it is taking place here and now. You must participate in the imaginary action, not merely stand back and look on. It is important to feel you are there so that the imaginary sensation is real to you. Always remember that the proposed action implies fulfillment.

For example, suppose you desired a promotion in your office. Then being congratulated would be an event you would encounter following the promotion. Selecting this action as the one you want to experience in your imagination, immobilize your physical body and induce a drowsy state – one in which you can control the direction of your thoughts. In this state you can be attentive without effort. Then visualize a friend standing before you. Put your imaginary hand in his. Feel it to be solid and real and carry on an imaginary conversation with him in harmony with the feeling of having been promoted.

Never visualize yourself at a distant point in time and space. Make your action take place here and now! The difference between feeling yourself act here and now and visualizing yourself in action as though on a movie screen, is the difference between success and failure. For example, visualize yourself climbing a ladder. Now, with your eyes closed, imagine the ladder is right in front of you and feel yourself climb it.

Experience has taught me to restrict the imaginary action to a single act and to re-enact it over and over again until its reality is felt. If the act is too long and involved, your attention will wander. Hosts of associated images will present…

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