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We often hear the saying ‘follow your heart’ but have no defined steps to follow to us do that. The voice of the heart gets distorted in the noise of what society and our family tells us to do. Astrology offers clarity and validation about your heart’s desires, awakening you to what your soul came to this planet to do.

Your birth chart will clearly show you your natural gifts, the types of subjects you can excel in as well as the skills you came to develop. It’s like a road map to your own deeply fulfilling destiny.

Your heart will often speak to you saying, ‘this is not what you’re meant to be doing’ and you’ll brush it off as nonsense or fantasy but those gut feelings are the voice of your soul. Many people who learn how to understand their birth chart have major ‘aha’ moments when they realize why they always felt they could or should be doing something else with their lives.

Once we realize that following our heart’s desires is a vital step to take in order to find true fulfillment and sustained happiness, it becomes the most important aspect of our existence. We can often feel like something is missing in our lives even if we have everything we need.

This can be because we haven’t connected to our purpose which links us to the rest of the universe in a positive, loved-based way. This void feeling can bug us because we don’t yet understand our own emotional needs which are revealed through our moon sign.

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When we create environments that fulfill these emotional needs revealed in our moon sign, we are going to be much happier. Essentially, we can use astrology to find something we are good at that nurtures others in some way that is also going to make us feel content.

Step 1: Look To Your 2nd House For Career Potential

Do you feel lackluster about your job or unenthusiastic about your future? What if I told you that you can find something that feels right at home that you enjoy by first looking at your natural strengths. Your 2nd house in your birth chart reveals natural strengths that will make work feel fun and allow you to excel.

We are wired to be able to shine in certain areas based on this house. Look up your 2nd house and then write down your natural strengths based on what sign falls in your second house. Does this also reflect your deepest desires that have always been at the back of your mind?

For a long time people have been looking for happiness in the wrong places in our culture. We have seen movies depicting couples in happily ever after stories and we have prioritized our love life above our purpose. What has resulted is an economy of jobs that provide money but not fulfillment.

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We didn’t realize how important it is for us to feel fulfilled in our work to be at ease. This is because our soul wants to contribute positively in some way to the world. Now we are becoming empowered to realize that. Read more about discovering your heart’s desires in this article, How To Line Up Your Career Using Your 2nd and 10th House.

Step 2: Look To Your Moon Sign To Take Care of Your Emotional Needs

It’s also important to recognize your emotional needs in the career you pursue so you can be sure to take them into consideration in any work or living situation. What are your emotional needs based on your sign? Write them down and brainstorm ideas about how you can communicate these needs in your life.

An Aquarius moon will need to spend time focused on big picture humanitarian ideas to feel okay. A Cancer moon will need time alone as well as a safe, cozy home to spend time in. A Virgo moon needs to be able to plan ahead and a Libra moon needs to have close friends as well as the freedom to be different.

Basically, the characteristics of our moon sign need to be honored or we will feel resentful or out of sync. Understanding your own emotional needs can help you structure your life creatively to help you feel happy. Knowing your needs are different than someone else’s can help you be yourself unapologetically.

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If you need space, you can finally understand why. If you are a natural intellectual, you’ll final get why you are craving reading books instead of other activities. When you know yourself you can establish healthy boundaries for your emotional well being.

I realized teaching was an important outlet for me and feel much different when I honor that despite the voices in my life saying I should do other things. No one can take your happiness from you when you know what you need.

Step 3: Look To Your North Node For Soul Purpose

Now for the really juicy stuff. This could very well change your life. The north node, which is calculated by a date range based on the day you were born, is essentially your soul’s destiny in this lifetime. You still have free will but this is what you came here to learn. This is your growth potential.

If you pursue the traits of this sign and develop the strengths of this sign (The one that falls in your north…

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