Be the Light

“For there is always light. If only we are brave enough to see it.
If only we are brave enough to be it.”
Amanda Gorman- “The Hill We Climb”

How inspiring are the words of Amanda Gorman’s beautiful poem? These last three lines really embody the teachings of Reiki and echo the words that my teacher would often say. When moving through the levels of Reiki, she’d explain, “First you learn to see the light and feel the light. Then, you will learn to BE the light.”

Now, as a Reiki Master Teacher, I tell my students and clients the same. I explain how finding the light can shift everything and literally change your story. In dark times, it can seem impossible. But, connecting with even just a tiny little flicker of light can bring you hope and encourage you to dig deeper. It is less about discovering the light and more about uncovering the light. Like clouds parting, to reveal the sun.

The light is always there. We just need to be reminded to find it.

Once we can find the light and move out of the darkness within us, we are able to open ourselves to it. We are able to clear the feelings and emotions that were attached to the darkness and make space for light to move through us. This is when we can literally become a conduit of the light, bringing it through for others. And, when we do this often enough, we feel ourself peel away. We no longer feel like a conduit, channeling the light. We actually do become the light.

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When you can feel your physical self, peeling away and the light shines right through… you ARE the light.

I believe that when enough of us can learn to do this, we can literally change the energy of the world around us. That is what “lights me up”. And, that is what I heard in Amanda’s poem. She was encouraging all of us to see the light and be the light.

While these are words I have heard often in Reiki, and speak myself, it is so inspiring to hear these words spoken so clearly and proudly in more public spaces. There was something profound about seeing her, telling the world this message, reaching thousands of people… and knowing these are the basic teachings of Reiki. This is a gift that each of us has inside of us.

I feel like the world is waking up to realize that the most powerful means of change comes from within.

These words and the energy of these words remind us that true power comes from light. It doesn’t come from who is biggest, loudest, richest or most popular. We all have the same light.

I am certain Mikao Usui and all of the Reiki Masters he had trained, felt the same pride in Amanda’s words. Each one of us, as Reiki practitioners in this community, share a simple and beautiful goal… to see the light and be the light.

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Find your light. Change your story.

Peace, love and light…. now and always.

Article by Vicky Roncero

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