I Kissed Someone In My Dream And It Felt Real: 7 Meanings

Whenever we dream of kissing someone, the only spiritual reason we tend to think of points to romance and friendship.

Now, as true as this sounds, there are other messages you can get from having such a dream experience. 

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of kissing someone in your dreamespecially when it feels so real and vivid

Signs like this are not commonly given. When you get them, it implies that the spiritual world really has something important to say. 

Do you want to find out why you’ve constantly had dreams of kissing someone

Read this article till the end to find out. 

What does it mean when you kiss someone in your dream and it feels real?

kiss someone in your dream

Whenever you kiss someone in your dream and it feels so real, it means you desire to be with such an individual.

Now, this is true if the person you kissed in your dream is someone you have a crush on or have secretly fallen in love with. 

The mind is a powerful tool. With it, beautiful realities can be created – such as having this type of amazing dream. It reveals that you desire the person

Does this mean the person desires you as well? Yes, if you see the person smiling at you (after the kiss) in the dream. 

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Furthermore, kissing someone in your dream might not have anything to do with the person.

This dream might mean that you desire romance. It means that you are in the season of love.

People who constantly have this dream are on the verge of connecting with their twin flame or soul twin.

When the kiss feels so real, the universe is also telling you to never ignore the power of your imagination. The things you see in your dreams are a major part of your life. 

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Someone kissed me in my dream and it felt real: What does it mean?

Someone kissed me in my dream

When someone kisses you in your dream and it feels so real, it implies that the person desires you.

In the world of spirituality, this dream is seen as a vivid sign that someone is communicating his/her feelings to you. 

In addition to this, when someone kisses you in your dream, it means that they are seeking your attention – especially if the person is your spouse or fiancee.

This means that you have not been giving him/her enough attention as they want. 

Therefore, you need to start paying attention to them

Furthermore, this auspicious sign could imply that you need to finally address all unresolved issues between you and your spouse. 

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Whenever you have a misunderstanding with your spouse, dreams of kissing are a warning sign. It is telling you to not allow the negative situation to linger anymore.

Spiritually, this is seen as a sign of attaining peace of mind and stability in your marital life. 

Seeing someone kissing you in your dream is believed to also represent communication of feelings and emotions from that individual to you.

You should be receptive enough to this communication.

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Spiritual meaning of a kiss that felt real in a dream: 7 Meanings

Spiritual meaning of a kiss that felt real in a dream: 7 Meanings

Anytime you get a kiss from someone in a dream, it might not strike a chord until you start having VIVID dreams

Vivid dreams are images we get during our sleep moments, which feel real. 

Whenever you kiss someone and it feels so real in a dream, it is because the spiritual world wants you to pay attention to such a sign. 

There are messages hidden for you in this dream and we will discuss them in this section. 

Therefore, read on to find out the 7 spiritual meanings of kissing someone in a dream

1) You are Lonely

It is believed that this dream was sent to reveal the state of your heart – especially if you recently lost a friend, or were betrayed by those you trust. 

Sincerely, I can relate to those moments. It comes with a feeling of loneliness and void. 

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During those moments, the universe can send signs and omens to you. One such is the dream of kissing someone. 

Anytime you have this dream during your down moment, it means you feel lonely. However, the universe is telling you to never feel lonely – because you are not alone

Through this dream, the universe affirms that they are watching over you and giving you peace.

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2) Emotional Security

Have you ever dreamt of kissing your friend

Well, this does not necessarily mean you should pursue any romantic relationship with them. 

Through this dream, the universe is telling you to feel safe around your friends. This sign gives you emotional security. It means that you are in good hands

Rather than allowing the fear of betrayal to overshadow you, let this dream inspire you to trust in your friends and enjoy their company. 

3) Your mother is concerned about you

The moment you dream of getting a kiss from your mom, it means…

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