7 Biblical Meanings of a Child Dying in a Dream: Is It a Sign?

Through dreams, the spiritual world can speak to you. It is important to pay attention to everything they say through this channel. 

Every time you dream, never ignore it or term it a coincidence. In this article, our emphasis will be on what it means to dream of a child dying. 

Trust me, this is a disturbing dream! I know how it feels to wake up from this dream with sweats and heart pants. 

On a particular occasion, I found myself crying and running to check on my child – to see if he was still alive or not. Well, he was unscathed. 

How can you have such a dream and ignore it? You shouldn’t.

In this article, I will expose all you need to know about having this type of dream. There are 7 biblical meanings you should keep in mind

Do you want to find out these meanings? Then, read till the end of this article. 

What does it mean when you dream of your child dying?

dream of your child dying

When you dream of your child dying, it implies that the universe has a divine message for you.

This scary dream was meant to get your attention before delivering the message to you.

Firstly, spend time calming yourself before delving deep to understand the message of this dream. 

Through this dream, the spiritual world can reveal your insecurities. There are things in our lives we are afraid to lose – just like a parent is scared of losing their child.

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When you have this strange dream, it means you are scared. 

The message from this dream encourages you to not be scared. You won’t lose what is precious to you. 

Additionally, when you dream of your child dying, it might indicate a feeling of unfulfillment. This shows that you are not satisfied with your level of progress.

Now, this might be a sign of hard work, persistence, and focus. On the other hand, it can be a sign of negativity and undue pressure. 

Therefore, this sign is telling you to put things in their proper perspectives. That is, get things in the balance.

Even if you feel unfulfilled, be grateful for how much you’ve accomplished so far. Afterwards, make plans on how to get better – with addition of optimism

This strange dream also speaks of paying much attention to your child. Perhaps, he/she is taking certain bad steps that will be dangerous in the future.

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Biblical meaning of a dead baby in a dream

dead baby in a dream

Seeing a dead baby in the dream means you should pray more for your child.

If you recently gave birth to a baby, having this dream might present a need for intense prayers for the child.

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God is telling you to not leave everything to mere chance. Rather, engage in powerful prayers to avert every form of danger. 

According to the bible, a baby represents new beginnings. When you see a dead baby in your dream, it represents your fear of starting afresh. It gives you a new opportunity to do things better. 

Biblically, having dreams of a dead baby shows that your ambitions, desires, and pursuits are out of alignment.

Take this message seriously

Sometimes, when people start feeling unfulfilled or without something to live for, it’s because their ambitions are out of alignment. 

This could be a spiritual attack or a result of carelessness. Anyhow it is, having a dream about a dead baby means you need to get things on track. 

Start by analyzing how things turned out to be bad and messy. Afterwards, derive ways to rectify the issue and return to your frequency.

When you dream of a child dying, it’s a sign of the end of something important. This could be about your relationship, job, or business phase.

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7 Biblical meanings of a child dying in a dream

7 Biblical meanings of a child dying in a dream

There are 7 important biblical meanings of a child dying in a dream

In this section, we will discuss these messages to investigate what God is saying through this auspicious sign. 

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1) Watch your Health

It is believed that whenever people constantly live an unhealthy lifestyle, God reveals this through dreams.

One of the dreams they have is to see their child dying

Therefore, if you ever have this dream, it means you need to watch your health. This sign indicates that you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. 

If care is not taken, your health will be in great danger. This is why you should take this sign seriously.

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2) Fear of Parenthood

Biblically, whenever you dream of your child dying, it means you are scared of being a parent.

Trust me, this is nothing strange. Before I gave birth to my son, I had that feeling for a long time. 

However, you will gradually outgrow it as you reaffirm that you are strong, intelligent, and ready to be a parent. 

Also, you can start training for parenthood by speaking to parents – learning their ordeals and gaining insights on how to successfully parent a…

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