Law of Attraction for Chocolate

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Improve Your Visualization Skills with this Law of Attraction Game

Today, I want to share with you a simple way to improve your visualization skills. We’re going to make attracting chocolate into a Law of Attraction game.

Why use chocolate for a Law of Attraction game?

You know there are no limits to what you can manifest. If you’ve heard it, seen it, dreamed about it…you can manifest it.

The Universe really is like a restaurant with an unlimited menu. And it’s all yours!

Whatever you want – it’s yours.

But sometimes you may find yourself getting stuck on the practical elements of the Law of Attraction, such as how to really visualize from the viewpoint where you’re experiencing something as if you really had it right now.

That’s where chocolate comes in. It’s something pretty much everyone has had at one time or another, or more likely many times over and over. ?

The commonality of chocolate is something that ties everyone together. You can visualize it. Your neighbor can visualize it. Someone halfway around the world from you can visualize it.

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Yet all of your visualizations will differ because each of you experience chocolate differently – even the same piece of chocolate.

How this Law of Attraction Visualization Game Works

This game begins with a simple question: What is your favorite chocolate? Dark or milk? Bar or truffle? With nuts or without? Be as specific as you possibly can.

Make an intention to draw the chocolate to you, letting it manifest in your life.

Now I’m going to give you a list of questions to think about in regards to your favorite chocolate. There’s no right or wrong answer. There isn’t a need to write anything down. Simply experience your answers as vividly as possible.

The questions are designed to help you make attracting chocolate a sensory experience…the exact type of experience you want to have for all of your visualizations.

The questions can take as long as you want to answer. You can spend a few seconds or a few minutes on each one. It’s up to you, but realize that the more you immerse yourself into the experience, the faster you will attract chocolate. Make it as real as you possibly can.

Playing this Law of Attraction game will help you to understand how you can improve your visualizations and achieve better results manifesting.

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law of attraction visualization

Without further ado, while imagining your favorite chocolate, answer the following questions:

  • What packaging does your favorite chocolate come in? A box? A wrapper? Something else?
  • What does it feel like to hold the box/wrapper in your hand? Is it room temperature? Is it cold? Is it rough or slick?
  • What sounds do you hear when you open the box/wrapper? What sensations do you feel?
  • Can you smell the chocolate when you open the box/wrapper? If so, what do you smell?
  • Bring the chocolate up to your nose and breathe in. What are the different scents you smell?
  • Take a small bite and notice the sensation as you bite into it – the feel of your teeth breaking through the chocolate, your lips caressing the chocolate as you bite, the feeling of the chocolate as it hits your tongue…
  • Let the chocolate melt on your tongue. What does it feel like as it melts? What does it taste like?
  • What does it feel like when you swallow? Can you feel the chocolate gliding down your throat?
  • Do you notice any physical sensations elsewhere in your body? A smile on your face? A relaxing of your shoulders? A sigh?

That’s it! You’re all done. Just let it go and go about your day. Trust your chocolate is on its way.

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Come back here when you manifest your chocolate. Let us know how the Law of Attraction worked for you.

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