5 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Fails to Work

Through my years of using the Law of Attraction, I’ve learned several things that can cause the Law of Attraction to fail. They are all things that I have done to sabotage my own success.

I see these same behaviors in those around me and in the comments and emails I receive from followers of this site. By becoming aware of these behaviors, you can learn how to stop doing things that cause Law of Attraction failure. As you do so, failure and mistakes will become things of the past. Success will be your way of life.

Why Does the Law of Attraction Fail?

Here are 5 behaviors that can cause the Law of Attraction to fail. How many of them do you make?

1. Believe that positive thinking is enough.

Many people try to use positive thinking to make the Law of Attraction work. They try to control their thoughts with an iron will, treating any negative thought that comes by as a mistake and something that’s bad. They try to use affirmations to reprogram their mind to only focus positively on the things they want to manifest.

This usually backfires.

Whenever they tell themselves, things like “I am a millionaire,” when their bank account shows differently, often causes their subconscious mind to say, “No, you’re not!” The subconscious mind’s protest is filled with a lot of emotion. Emotions have a strong ability to manifest and are a guide to what you are creating at any moment.

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Any positive message people give themselves with affirmations is countered by the emotional-charged protest of the subconscious mind. Thus, the Law of Attraction fails to manifest their intention. Instead, they remain in their current situation, or if the emotion is strong enough, they create a worse situation than they are already in.

2. Wonder where it’s at.

This is where so many people fail with the Law of Attraction.

By nature, people are impatient. They know what they want and they want it now.

Once people learn about the Law of Attraction, they think that if they simply write down their desires or create a vision board their life will completely change in just a matter of days or a few weeks. In no time, their thoughts are filled with “Where is it already?!?”

That isn’t how the Law of Attraction works!

Yes, your experience of reality might be different from what you’re trying to manifest. However if you start feeling impatient and frustrated, you’re only going to attract more of what is making you impatient and frustrated.

You have to be vibrating at the same energy frequency as your desire. Writing a list or finding pictures in a magazine doesn’t change your vibrational frequency.

If you’re wondering where your manifestation is at, you were never in a place where you trusted that the Universe would bring you what you desire! You never had full faith that the Law of Attraction works. You were merely testing it to see if you had found a miracle, much like many people hop from one diet fad to another in the hopes they’ve finally found the magic answer to their problems.

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If you’re impatient because the Law of Attraction failed to bring you your desire as quickly as you hoped, you have resistance. You aren’t allowing your desire to manifest, and until you eliminate the resistance, you’ll be impatient and will either give up altogether or wonder if you’re doing the Law of Attraction wrong.

You need to have complete trust that the Law of Attraction is working. Once you have that, your desire will manifest as fast as possible. You won’t wonder why it isn’t manifesting. You won’t think that you’re doing something wrong.

Overcome the resistance and you’ll be at peace with the knowledge that change is on the way.

3. Don’t believe that you can attract your desire.

You might say to yourself and to everyone who will listen, “I DO believe.” However, if the Law of Attraction has failed to bring you your desire, I hate to break it to you, but on some level you don’t believe you can manifest it.

Not believing is a sign of attachment to a desire. Attachment often takes the form of fear, doubt, sadness and anger.

On some level, you don’t believe that you can get what you want with the Law of Attraction and you don’t believe you deserve to have what you want.

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You might think you don’t deserve what you want. This can be thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “I never win”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m not thin enough”, “It won’t happen for someone like me”…

When you look at your beliefs to see where you don’t believe you can attract your desire, make sure you also look for conflicting beliefs. For example, if you want more money and to spend more time with your family, look for conflicting beliefs that having money means you’ll have to work longer hours and be with your family less.

You need to work on aligning your desires and remaining open to the possibilities. Instead of deciding how the Law of Attraction will work to…

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