Using the Law of Attraction for School, Grades, Studies and Exams

Question: “How can I apply law of attraction to achieve excellent percentage or marks in my examination, how can apply law of attraction in my studies?” – Siddharth

You can use the Law of Attraction to get good grades. The Law of Attraction works on everything, including school and exams. But just like everything else, using the Law of Attraction for school, grades and to pass exams depends on your thoughts, your vibration, and your feelings.

It isn’t about passing exams or getting good grades.

Using the Law of Attraction for school, grades and exams isn’t about your actual grade or exam result. You think that’s what you want, but it really isn’t.

What you want is what you think getting good grades and passing exams will get you. It could be pride, recognition, respect, making your parents happy, ensuring future opportunities (such as entrance to a University or a good job), etc.

Grades, exams, doing well in school…they are all a part of the journey to your final destination.

Instead of focusing on using the Law of Attraction to get good grades and to pass exams, focus on what you want.

I’m not saying that you should completely stop studying and forget about your grades. You still need to take steps towards your goal, and that includes studying and passing exams.

But if you focus on your ultimate goal, you’ll feel a lot less pressure when it comes to your studies. You will also draw to you other events that will help you achieve your goal, such as a technique that helps you learn faster or you may meet someone who can help you achieve your dreams.

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Why do you want to get good grades and pass your exams? Why do you want to do well in your studies?

That’s what you need to ask yourself.

What is your ultimate goal?

You might know the answer already. You might have to do a little digging to uncover your true motivation. If you can’t figure it out, focus on being happy and successful, whatever that means to you. Ultimately, everyone wants to be happy and successful so you can’t go wrong if that’s what you focus on.

Focusing on your ultimate goal will help you to achieve vibrational alignment with your desire and allow it to happen. It breaks down the barriers of anxiety, fear and doubt so that you can get good grades and do well in school.

Law of Attraction Tools for School, Grades, and Passing exams

1. Visualization. Visualize yourself having achieved your ultimate goal. For example, if what you want is to get into a particular University, visualize yourself being accepted to and attending the University. What does it feel like to get the acceptance letter? What was it like to open the envelope? How does it feel to tell your friends and family? What was your first day of University like? What was it like to sit in the classroom and listen to your professor?

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Make sure you spend at least five minutes a day visualizing having achieved your goal.

You can also do mini-visualizations for the actions you take to get there, such as homework assignments, papers, and examinations.

When you have an assignment or paper due, spend a few moments visualizing the outcome beforehand. Visualize getting a good grade or hearing people congratulating you on doing so well.

Before an exam, take a few minutes to imagine yourself knowing all of the answers easily. Smile at how effortless the exam is and how you finish early, knowing you did well. See the grade you get and hear your friends and family congratulate you.

2. The Mirror Technique. This is a great Law of Attraction tool to help you be more confident about your exam results and your ability to do well in your studies. (Click here to learn how to use the Mirror Technique.) You might want to use a phrase like, “You are such a success. You do so well in your studies and on your exams. You are at the top of your class! You are so happy and everything good is coming your way. You are attending the best University. Your results were outstanding and you totally deserve it!”

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3. The Remembering Technique. You can read detailed instruction on The Remembering Technique here. Basically you want to focus on what it would be like to have what you desire and to look back on it. For example, you might think to yourself, “I remember what it was like when I didn’t attend X University.” This tells your subconscious mind that you are attending X University now and causes it to help your reality transform to match your desires.

How quickly will you see results?

That depends on you.

As soon as you asked for what you wanted, the Universe started bringing together everything necessary to make it a reality.

It will come to you quickly provided you don’t block it. Blocking it comes in the form of resistance, such a fear, doubt, and worry. It’s important to move past any resistance and keep your vibration high.

Allow yourself to receive and you should succeed at using the Law of Attraction to get good grades and to pass exams.

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