What Happens When Two People Want to Manifest the Same Thing?

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Question: “Well, if I want a specific job, and by the Law of attraction I can get it, what about other persons that want the same thing?” – Chris

Answer: That is an excellent question, Chris. I’m often asked how the Law of Attraction works when two people want the same thing.

You know that the Law of Attraction states that your thoughts create. You can create anything you want with the power of your thoughts.

At first, the idea of someone having the same intention seems to matter because if your thoughts have the ability to create, then doesn’t everyone’s? If two people want the same thing, it should cause a conflicting scenario where two people are competing for the same thing, right?

This should prove to be a fatal flaw in the Law of Attraction, shouldn’t it? Two people wanting the same thing should create instances when the Law of Attraction fails because both people can’t have what they want, right?

But this is where we get into the very heart of the Law of Attraction, reality creation, and quantum physics.

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The answer to your question lies in the most basic definition of the Law of Attraction – your thoughts have the power to create. In the entire Universe, only YOU matter. Only your thoughts, only your intentions, only your desires…

You create your reality and shape the entire world around you from your consciousness.

So what happens when two people want the same thing?

Since only your intentions matter, the only conflict exists within you. You possess the intention for someone else to want the same job as you…and you also have the intention that only one person can get the job. Thus, your intention is creating competition.

If you believe that someone has the same intention, the Law of Attraction will grant your intention and create someone else who wants the exact same job as you…and it will create the scenario where only one of you can get the job.

If you have doubts about whether you will get the specific job, the Law of Attraction might fulfill your doubts and give the job to someone else, confirming your doubts and your belief that a competition existed.

If you believe there aren’t enough jobs, the Law of Attraction will confirm your intention for a limited supply, and create competition for the specific job you desire.

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You are responsible for your intentions.

You are responsible for your reality.

You are responsible for what you create.

This can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you look around and notice that your life is filled with things you don’t want. Even if you were unaware of it at the time, your intentions created everything around you.

But now you have a choice – to move forward and consciously create your reality exactly as you desire, or to continue throwing out intentions haphazardly, allowing whatever may come. Just remember that whichever choice you make, you will still be responsible for your reality.

The Universe is an abundant place filled with what everyone needs to have exactly what they want.

You will only have to compete with someone when you intend it.

Get clear on what you want to create. Focus on it. Be at one with it. Pay attention to your feelings and send heart energy to it.

Do that and you won’t have to worry about your intentions creating a reality where two people want the same thing.

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