Advanced Law of Attraction Techniques: Remembering

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My favorite advanced law of attraction technique is remembering. I developed it many years ago and have always had fantastic results with it. I really think remembering is the best law of attraction technique for overcoming resistance, changing beliefs, and seeing your desires manifest quickly.

Remembering is based on what Neville Goddard taught in his teachings on the Law of Attraction, particularly his teachings on assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. (If you aren’t familiar with Neville, I highly recommend The Neville Reader. It thoroughly covers his Law of Attraction techniques and is filled with inspiring success stories – everything from manifesting a specific person to manifesting money.)

The remembering Law of Attraction technique works on the premise that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Anything you think, it takes for fact and brings it to you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something you think about someone you see walking down the street or something you visualize yourself manifesting.

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Since the subconscious mind doesn’t know if something is real or imagined, it also doesn’t know if if a memory is real or imagined.

Typically, Law of Attraction visualization involves imagining something as if it you have it in the present. You’re essentially bringing the future into the present moment.

The remembering technique brings the future to the past. You’re going way beyond having achieved your goal and looking back at things as if they had already happened.

You’re not trying to create something. You’re simply remembering it.

Do you see the difference?

You’re not trying to create a million dollars. You’re remembering what it was like to have a million dollars.

You’re not trying to get your ex back. You’re remembering what it was like when he or she came back.

You’re not trying to get a new job. You’re remembering what your first day of work at your new job was like.

You’re looking back on the things that you want to create as if they have already happened. You’re remembering the experience as if you were to think about what you had for dinner last night.

“I remember when I achieved my goal weight.”

“I remember when my book was a bestseller.”

“I remember when I was debt-free.”

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What makes this advanced Law of Attraction technique really powerful is that it overcomes any doubts or blocks you may have to manifesting something.

When you visualize, you can experience a feeling of wanting your visualization to be real…as if there’s a chance it may not occur.

When you remember something, it means it already has happened. There isn’t a feeling of wanting. There isn’t a chance it won’t happen. It already has.

What do you remember?

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