Soul Urge Number 33 – Master Teacher With Endless Potential

Soul urge number 33 belongs to those people who hold the urges and desires of the archetypal Master Teacher.

Master Teacher is the name for the master number 33 that most succinctly sums up this numerological power number.

Whatever your soul urge number is it allows you a sneak peek at your innermost desires and urges.

It speaks to your internal motivations, the things that drive you to be who you are, say what you say and do what you do.

Calculating yours is easy, but there are two methods:

The first, more traditional method is to use the day of the month on which you were born.

This method is rarely in use anymore as it is imprecise and doesn’t account for all the master numbers.

The other, more modern method is to consult a numerological letter chart and sum the values of the vowels in your full birth name.

You then reduce the number by summing the digits until you have only one digit left or a master number.

You have to use your full name as it was given to you at birth as it is a representation of your energy.

It includes any middle names – no matter how embarrassing!

If you have used this method and it turns out you have soul urge number 33, then read on to discover what that means about your internal motivations and the opportunities and struggles you are most likely to encounter.

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Soul Urge Number 33: Drives Of The Master Teacher

The master number 33 is the most evolved master number. You can think of it as the third natural progression along the path to spiritual mastery.

11 provides the sensitivity and vision, 22 adds in the pragmatism and action, and 33 brings all of that together to elevate humankind.

The core ideal of this number revolves around the education, elevation, and evolution of consciousness of humanity to help move us towards enlightenment and ascension as we transition into a new era.

As a soul urge number, it speaks of your drive to see humanity enlightened.

It speaks of your devotion to the cause and your innate need to help others to see the world from a broader perspective.

You are drawn to humanitarian work and feel the constant pull of those in need.

With the confidence and competence of a master teacher, you never feel ready to stop helping people in their struggles.

In particular, you have skills relating to education and healing, particularly in social care professions.

However, this kind of work eventually leaves you unfulfilled as you have much larger ambitions for the effect you want to have on the world.

Soul Urge Number 33: Challenges

The challenges you will face with this soul urge will be many and varied.

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The stakes for you are very high, and your sensitive emotionality can be a hindrance when it comes to your resilience in the face of hardship and failure.

Perhaps the most substantial challenge you will face is in understanding and accepting your own limits.

While the fact that you are associated with a master number in your numerological chart suggests that you have heightened powers of manifestation and will, it does not give you unlimited ability to heal the world.

One person cannot heal the entire planet. On a core level, that fact hurts you.

It may even sound like a challenge; such is the tenacity of your inner drive.

However, accepting this is the key to fulfillment.

You will do your part, and while that part may be larger than the parts others have contributed, humanity needs more than you to get through the challenges ahead.

It is actually in the acceptance of this idea that you will find your real power.

By accepting that elevating humanity is a team effort that requires a lot of hands, you unlock the true potential of your gift.

Soul Urge Number 33: Opportunities

The most significant opportunities open to you are in the influence you can have over others.

Your drive to heal humanity and shepherd us into a new era will inspire everyone around you to work harder and think smarter.

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You are an inspiration to others, and your inner desire to lead others into better lives helps to the effect that.

There are not many people that have master numbers in their numerological chart, so you have an innate, deep-held desire to live up to the responsibility placed upon you by having one.

Too many people see having it as a “gift” or a “talent.” It is more a burden with benefits, to be exact.

But while it will feel like a burden at times, the ultimate potential for fulfillment and enlightenment is well worth carrying the load.

In terms of what to look out for, you should be paying attention to any opportunities you have to connect with a new community in an educational capacity.

The skills and knowledge you have are not serving you best stuck in your head; you can find fulfillment if you shared it with those who need it most.

Aid work is perfect but not always available. Starting small is good, perhaps by offering emotional support and practical advice to vulnerable people.Helping HandsTH

But soon enough, you will need to look to do something more extensive…

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