What Do You Do When Your Mind Insists on Focusing on Reality?

You’re focused on creating your personal reality.

You know what you want and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it – visualizing, scripting, gratitude, thinking the right thoughts, acting as if…

Wait! What’s that?

You keep trying to live as if you already have your desire, but your mind insists on focusing on reality?

You keep trying to think positively, but your mind brings you back to the problems around you?

You keep trying to focus on what you want, but your mind points out what has happened in the past?

What are you supposed to do? How do you stop focusing on reality?

Using the Law of Attraction is a Full-Time Job

The problem is most of us only consciously use the Law of Attraction part-time. The rest of the time our subconscious takes over and uses it when we aren’t really paying attention…when we don’t fully realize that our subconscious is focused on creating a reality we don’t want.

You may want to resist the idea that you’re sabotaging yourself subconsciously – especially if you don’t like the reality you have created for yourself.

However, until you are ready to acknowledge the role you have played in creating your life, you will probably continue to manifest a reality you don’t want.

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The Power of Negative Focus

If you allow your thoughts to pass randomly through your mind, the lack of direction can cause you to manifest the very things you don’t want.

Here’s what happens: You spend the morning visualizing how you are in the perfect relationship with your soulmate. As you leave for work, you see a happy couple. You start thinking about how lonely you are and how you miss being in a relationship. You wonder what your ex is doing – does he remember you? Has he found someone else? What can you do to get him back? Should you contact him? Is there a holiday coming up that would give you an excuse to text him?

You’ve gone from being confident, open, allowing and focused on the feelings of how wonderful it is to be in a relationship to a negative spiral of loneliness, neediness, fear, and control.

You’re using your power to create the very reality you’re trying to avoid.

What’s happening?

Your mind becomes obsessed with focusing on reality. You’re so fixated you don’t even realize what you’re doing.

If you’re like many people, you may not notice your obsession until someone points it out to you. You think you’ve been using the Law of Attraction to create what you want only to realize that you’ve been spending all of your time attracting what you don’t want.

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Even once you notice you’ve been focusing on reality, it can be hard to shift your thoughts.

You have a habit of focusing on reality and you don’t always know how to break it. You may need help eliminating your limiting beliefs and overcoming the resistance that lead to your focus on reality.

The fastest way to create a negative reality is to focus on negativity. It doesn’t matter if it’s thoughts in your head or watching the news.

What reality are you focusing on?

If you want to know what you are focusing on, look at your conversations with friends and family. Read your emails and texts.

Are your conversations, emails and texts positive or negative?

Are you focusing on problems or opportunities?

Are you complaining or inspiring?

Are you finding fault or showing gratitude and appreciation?

Are you looking for the worst in situations and people or are you finding the best?

Most people think they are positive and actively creating the reality they want. But once they examine their conversations, emails and texts, they often find they were focusing on a negative reality, and they never realized it.

How do you shift your mind to focus on a new reality?

Look past the problems and negativity. See the reality you want to create. Focus on it.

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Pay attention to where you are going, not where you are now or where you have been.

Focus on love, not loneliness.

Focus on promotions, not disappointment at work.

Focus on laughing with good friends, not arguments.

Accept that you have created your reality and that you can change it by altering your focus.

Allow opportunity to present itself as you focus on your new reality.

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