Mindful Eating with Reiki

Article by Carrie Anderson

Mindfulness is the act of becoming aware of yourself, your mind, body, and your surroundings. Mindfulness is a way to ground yourself in the reality of now, to calm yourself, and not lose the moment in the hurry of doing. It just takes a few moments and a simple exercise, using your five senses, can help you learn an easy method of mindfulness. As a form of self-care, I use a blend of mindfulness, Reiki, and crystals to help with my health.

By tuning into your five senses you can experience the now of mindfulness. Ask yourself, “What can I smell? Are there any sensations in my body to be aware of? What are the noises I hear? What do my clothes feel like? Are they tight, loose, or comfortable? What do I see around me? Is there a taste in my mouth?” Focusing on your senses is the basic introduction into mindfulness.

I incorporate Reiki and crystals to aid myself in becoming a more mindful eater. Mindful eating is being aware of your hunger, the food you will eat, taking the time to smell your food, slowly chewing to taste and aid in digestion. Mindful eating also allows your mind and body to understand your hunger cues. Eating mindlessly can lead to weight gain and over-eating. Mindful eating gives you control, so that you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. It also allows you to feel the pleasure of eating and slowing down.

Mindful Eating with Reiki

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I am a visually oriented person, so I need something tangible to remind me to be mindful. Otherwise, I might get lost in the busyness and forget. I have enlisted crystals and their powers to help me in my goals. I prefer to use intuition to pick out crystals. If you have a specific need like cravings, cleansing of the kitchen, or weight loss and are more comfortable picking out crystals based on their color or meanings; then there is plenty of information online and in books that can assist you in picking out the right crystal. I pick out several of my crystals and feel which one has the strongest pull of energy for my need.

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After cleansing the crystal, you can set it with your intention. I use an intention that essentially states that I want to be more mindful of my eating habits, food intake, to help with weight loss and to increase my overall health and well-being.

I set the crystal in a spot in my kitchen so that I am aware of it when cooking. I use Reiki on my meals to infuse them with energy. This also allows me time to cut into my hunger and to savor the smells instead of mindlessly eating.

I even take the crystal grocery shopping. I place it in my pocket. When I arrive at the store, I do a short self-Reiki with the intent to make smart food choices and to help with picking out the most nutritious foods.

Since part of my intention is focused on health and well-being, I also use the crystal as a reminder to exercise. In this case, I have the crystal with me while I exercise. It inspires me to keep trying and to remember that I have goals that matter…

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