Oracle Card Reading February 07 – 13, 2021

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed:

1. Passion

Remember when you were a child waking up in the morning and feeling that wave of excitement, joy, and eagerness to experience life in all its colors? What does it take to feel the same, even now, as adults?

This card says it takes a passion fueled by vision and purpose to greet every single day with a high level of enthusiasm and pure childlike joy. What makes you tick? What feeds and fuels your soul? What fills your life with energy and fire?

Answer all the above, because this card reminds you that your passionate soul yearns to express itself in everyday life.

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2. Mission

This card is calling you to stop focusing on finding answers that most likely will change over time as you evolve and go deeper into layers of your being. Instead, focus on feeling it! It’s all about creating space and embodying that energy.

Keeping your mission as a mental image makes you susceptible to distraction but storing it as energy in your being will always provide valuable inner guidance, no matter what you do.

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3. Limitless

There’s nothing here to stop you! Except yourself…

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This card invites you to contemplate and reflect on your limiting beliefs, inner blocks, and fears. Give yourself the recognition you deserve. You are strong and capable of anything! Just give yourself permission to feel successful, competent, and able to fulfill all your dreams.

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Reiki blessings!

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