Reiki Crystal Meditation

One of the most common questions I encounter when working with clients and students concerns meditation, specifically, the “right” way to practice. Although meditation is widely touted for its numerous benefits, misconceptions about the right way to meditate still linger. In my years of working with clients and students, I have noticed a tendency for people to view meditation as a valiant attempt to sit uncomfortably for extended periods with the goal of achieving inner peace (often while trying to transcend the nagging back pain). While that may be one way to meditate (definitely not mine), it is by no means the only one. Fortunately, there are numerous meditation methods, each offering its own benefits, so the only right ways to meditate are the ones that work for you.1

My meditation practice is quite eclectic, ranging from guided imagery sessions to walking meditations to simply sitting and allowing myself “to Be.” Of course, all my meditations include Reiki, which elevates all it touches and, in its essence, is meditation.

And because I dearly love working with crystals, one of my very favorite ways to meditate is with these loving gifts from Mother Earth. Crystals are included in all my Reiki sessions and spiritual practices and have been for many years. Their energies blend beautifully and seamlessly with Reiki, resulting in a truly synergistic healing experience 2,  and they are a valuable complement to all healing modalities.

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Recently, I was asked to share my method for meditating with crystals and Reiki. This article details the method that Reiki helped me develop, which I have used successfully many times. However, Reiki will likely guide you in the right way for you, so allow yourself to remain open to its guidance.

Reiki Crystal Meditation

Reiki Crystal Meditation

• Choose the crystal
This can be any stone to which you are drawn, a stone you would like to learn more about, or one that seems to “call” to you. Do you have a new crystal and want to know if it has a message for you? Are you curious about the crystal’s properties and how they may best work with you? Or perhaps you have a favorite crystal and want to delve deeper into its healing properties that are not included in crystal books? For example, Rose Quartz is widely regarded as a stone of love, joy, harmony, and emotional healing. However, during a meditation, you may receive different or additional information. The stone can provide you with information that is specific to your work with it.

For those new to meditating with crystals, Clear Quartz is an excellent choice. It is easily programmed with a specific intention and is a versatile healer. Selenite is another great starter stone – it is highly spiritual yet is relaxing and allows for peaceful focus during meditation.

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• Cleanse the Crystal
Although there are numerous ways to cleanse a crystal, Reiki provides an efficient and thorough method. While channeling Reiki, simply hold the stone in…

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