7 Weird Things Empaths Do that Only TRUE Empaths Will Understand

Empaths possess unique abilities that set them apart from others, making it a challenge for some to understand or accept. 

As an empath, your sensitivity to the emotional and energy states of people around you often leads to overwhelming experiences. 

In this article, we’ll explore several weird behaviors and traits that are common among genuine empaths, helping you to better understand and appreciate the role empaths play in society.

Step into the enigmatic world of empaths – those rare souls who feel with an intensity that is sometimes bewildering even to themselves. 

As an empath, you navigate a world teeming with emotions and energy states, which can often feel like trying to steady a boat in stormy seas. 

In this article, we’re about to pull back the curtain on seven peculiar habits unique to genuine empaths. 

These intriguing behaviors may seem ‘weird’ to some, but for empaths, they’re just an everyday part of life. 

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of empathy, demystifying these traits and celebrating the invaluable role empaths occupy in our society. 

Buckle up – it’s going to be an interesting exploration.

Let’s get started with the first on this list: 

You’re Overwhelmed by Crowds

As an empath, you are deeply affected when in crowded places like streets, bars, or clubs. 

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When you find yourself in these settings, you might feel like running away or escaping the scene because you can’t take it anymore. 

The overwhelming sensation comes from taking on an overload of people’s emotions simultaneously, which can be very difficult for you to deal with.

This overload occurs because you, as an empath, tend to pick up the feelings of everyone in the room or hall all at once. It’s not fiction, but what you actually go through. 

To protect yourself and maintain your well-being, it’s crucial for you to develop a shield against these emotions. 

This shield will allow the emotions to flow around you or next to you, but not into you.

Here’s a quick tip: 

Establish a Visualized Shield

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help protect you from the emotional overload. 

When in a crowded place, take a few moments to breathe deeply and center yourself.

Visualize a bubble or a shield around you. This can be of any color or shape that brings you peace and feels protective.

Envision this shield as impenetrable, a solid barrier against the unwanted emotions. 

It filters what gets in, only allowing positivity and calmness to penetrate, while the overwhelming emotions of the crowd bounce off or flow around it. 

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The visualization doesn’t block you from interacting with others, but it serves as a protective boundary, preserving your emotional health.

Practice this visualization regularly, and over time it will become a reflexive habit. 

Your shield will be there when you need it, acting as your safeguard and helping you to navigate crowded environments without feeling overwhelmed.

You Mindfully Choose Your Residence as It’s More Than a Roof Over Your Head

A weird thing empath does

As an empath, you understand that the environment you live in can significantly impact your well-being. 

You know that energy is a major consideration when choosing a place to call home. 

Acknowledging the fact that you can’t escape feeling the pain in the area you live, this affects your choice of residence.

For this reason, you’re mindful about where you decide to live as an empath. 

You do your best to avoid living in areas with intense energy, such as densely populated cities, crime-ridden neighborhoods, or young and hip locations. 

Instead, you prefer living in calm areas with less population, where you can disconnect from overwhelming energy and enjoy some level of serenity and quietness.

Living in areas like this allows you to function at your best and have time to heal and concentrate on things you need to do. 

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You seek places where you can recharge and restore energy, maintaining a balance between tending to your feelings and the emotions of those around you.

However, as an empath, it’s also essential for you to have a strong support system in the place you choose to live. 

Even in the calmest environment, navigating your daily life can still be challenging without a network of people who understand and support you. 

Therefore, while you search for serene environments, it’s just as important to make sure you’re surrounded by people who appreciate and respect your empathic nature.

You Experience Empathy at Its Finest: Absorbing Other People’s Energy

As an empath, taking on other people’s energies is one of your main characteristics. 

This isn’t a deliberate action; in fact, if you could avoid it, you probably would. 

Becoming caught up in people’s emotions can make it seem like you have no feelings of your own, as…

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