Reiki Awareness

I have been practising and teaching Reiki for more than 25 years. Sometimes I come across students who tell me that they are not practising Reiki due to some beliefs or lack of awareness. I have also met other teachers and practitioners with similar issues. Perhaps some of you reading this article have experienced the same!

My reason for writing this article is to talk about creating awareness for people who are interested in Reiki as well as practitioners and teachers who have abandoned practising it.

Our Reiki journey could be compared to a tree that starts out as a small seed but sown and grown in the right environment transforms into a beautiful tree giving shade and oxygen to so many people. Similarly, once the seed of Reiki has been planted in the mind of a person, then nurtured and developed in the right environment, that person could transform and become a great provider of spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

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Reiki Awareness

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Reiki’s work is so deep and mysterious, and people often expect instant results from their treatment. When I teach Reiki, I tell my students the importance of remembering and talking to their client before or after the treatment and explain the following points:

  1. Everyone has experiences that are unique and right for them, therefore, it is better to avoid discussing or comparing them with other people.
  2. When a client falls asleep, it’s a positive sign as the alpha state helps bring deep results.
  3. Sometimes when a client experiences visions or colors during the treatment, it is important that both the client and the practitioner do not get attached to that experience because if they don’t have a similar experience again they might feel deflated.
  4. If a client feels in awe of you then remind them that we are just channeling the energy. Reiki has its own intelligence that clears any blockages and creates the balance where necessary.
  5. It is normally an imbalance in our subtle body such as our emotions, feelings, memories, etc. that tend to cause the problems in the physical body. Since Reiki is subtle energy, it is the most effective method of treating a person holistically.

Article by Anjuli Bahadur

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Anjuli Bahadur

Anjuli Bahadur

Anjuli has followed her intuition since childhood. The turning point in her life came when she first experienced Reiki. She knew immediately that this was her calling.
Reiki has helped her restore the balance in life and as a result, she has now total faith and confidence in Reiki energy. Anjuli has also studied and practised complementary therapies and NLP but her work in teaching and practising Reiki has always dominated. Since retirement, she is often asked to send Distant Reiki. She would like to see…

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