Reiki for Limiting Beliefs

Article by Prachi Durge

The universe is limitless. The universe within us is limitless. We form limiting beliefs about us. This is the result of the incidents that happen with us and around us. These limiting beliefs cause obstacles in what we want to achieve.

The best way to overcome our limiting beliefs is by being in the present. We need to connect ourselves with the present.

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Reiki is a powerful tool to connect self with the present moment. As we summon Reiki, for the pain we are feeling or for some thought interrupting us. This way we are present in the given situation.

For example, something triggers a thought. Based on our experience or limiting belief we decide to act or not. If we stay present to that thought summon Reiki and take a few deep breaths and request Reiki to please help identify the limiting belief. After some time, you will be guided through that belief. Be grateful to this limiting belief, be grateful to Reiki. Say thank you to that belief for serving till now. And say I now release you and let go of you. Put a CKR and request Reiki to fill the void of that belief with Reiki light, love, gratitude and compassion.

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Love to you all!

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Prachi Ukey

Prachi Ukey

Prachi Durge is a chemical engineer with three years of industry experience. She is attuned to Third Degree Reiki Level 1. Prachi is now a stay-at-home-mom practicing Reiki. She is on a spiritual journey and practicing Reiki has been like a guidance to ascend further.

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