The Dimensional Reality of Reiki

Article by Reiki Master, Mike Shaw

Reiki as an energy force is simply a reflection of our true selves. The physical part of our body is comprised of trillions of microscopic cells, these cells are made up of atoms and sub-atomic particles. The particles are created from the Universal Energy System also known as Consciousness or the Matrix. The important thing to be aware of is that between every one of these particles is a space. So even though these particles appear to make up the entire physical body the truth is that we are in effect what I term a space body. It has been suggested that 99% of our being, is space. Of the one percent left, i.e. particles, these particles alternate from being in waveform, invisible, or momentarily particle form. Our brains are not conditioned to allow us to see what is before our eyes – nothing – which is probably a good thing. Imagine talking to someone who is invisible or trying to find your face in a mirror.

I originally learned Reiki from the Rev. Beth Gray thirty years ago. Over the last three decades, I have gained more understanding at a deeper level that Reiki is a means of bringing about a state of balance and harmony of the mind, body, spirit, and emotions at all levels and through all the dimensions of the being. In turn, this leads to a sense of inner peace and happiness resulting in the ability to more easily accept love into our lives and to give out forgiveness. It enhances our knowledge and wisdom or understanding of the purity and perfection of the non-physical aspect of the Universe.

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I remember in answer to a question during one of her seminars Beth said. “Reiki opens the door to many things, the more you practice the more you learn. Reiki is a path to enlightenment”. This dovetails well with the thoughts of Dr. Mikao Usui the man who discovered a way to utilise Life Force Energy – Reiki. Dr. Usui believed that Reiki was about our spiritual development and that any healing was a bonus.

The Dimensional Reality of Reiki

I believe that Reiki is an amazing gift from the Source. It is an easy and effective way to connect to the Source of all that is. When we connect to the Source we place ourselves in the middle of a continuous flow of energy; an energy of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, an energy that is non-judgemental and non-critical. I firmly believe that we are part of something greater than our perceived physicality and that Reiki is our access to that something.

Reiki is multi-dimensional so dimensionally Reiki is about stepping into oneness with the source of all creation. It takes you through time and space on a journey of personal empowerment and self-healing.

Dimensionally Reiki merges the atomic structure of your physical body, your energy body, your space body and your dimensional body in a wave of unconditional love.

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Dimensionally Reiki activates your dimensionally conscious heart. Which impacts in a positive way on your brain and then through the brain to the nervous system,…

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