The Hit List – The grand unfollow

I’ve spoken about the Instagram impersonation accounts many times. Yet, they persist. When I was on my book tour, a number of them appeared, which meant I was now stuck wasting precious time filing reports and whatnot.

I have better uses for my time, trust me.

A few months ago, my friend and fellow author, Tess Whitehurst (she’s ridiculously talented by the way), unfollowed everyone on her Instagram page. Why? To make her page slightly less appealing to the scammers. More importantly, this would help her followers spot the imposters.

Here’s why: if she doesn’t follow anyone and suddenly you a request from someone claiming to be her, you know right away…it’s not Tess. This intrigued me so I checked in from time to time to see how it was working out. While it didn’t get rid of the scumbags altogether, the problem seemed to minimize.

So after dealing with way too many in the past week (including a new one yesterday), I’m following suit. I’ll be unfollowing most people on my IG account (I was following about 1500 accounts). The only ones I’ll follow going forward will be fellow authors, publishers, a few businesses I frequent, and a close friend or two. That’s it.

If someone follows you on Instagram claiming to be me and offering to read for you, it’s not me (I don’t even read for the public). Beware – and ready to report and block those jerks.

Until Instagram fixes the imposter problem, many other authors and service providers may be forced to do the same. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, don’t become a victim of impersonation accounts on Instagram. It’s not me.


PS A few folks are confused about my new policy. They assume I’m removing them as followers or that they won’t be able to access my content if I unfollow people. None of that is true. I’m not removing followers and you can still see everything I post even if I don’t follow you.

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