Will My Twin Flame Runner Return?

The twin flame runner return is quite common as twin souls are said to be the perfect match for each other and no matter what happens, one way or the other they are set to get back together and fulfill their destiny after moments of heartbreaks and separations.

The re-union of the twin souls can be so strong to the extent it might scare one away. In most cases you realize that only one of the twin souls is ready for such everlasting commitment but the other may be scared to involve in such a lifetime union.

The old fears, ego blockages and previous wounds always results to what is referred to as the chaser and runner dynamic in most of the twin soul reunions.

What is the twin flame runner and chaser dynamic?

The twin flame relationship is seen to be divided into stages and the 6th stage is what represents the chaser and runner dynamic. As said above, due to inner turmoil caused by egos, personality differences and previous core wounds, tensions seem to rise to a very high level especially in the early stages and in most cases one of the twins is seen to to take the easy way out which is quitting.

The separation or better said ‘the running’ can be psychological, physical or even both depending on the relationship. The running of one of the twins would entail; travelling, constant arguments, returning back to an ex lover, excessive drinking, silent treatments and just leaving with no clear reason for the breakup.

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In such a situation, the chaser represents the mature soul and the runner represents the more younger soul i.e as one of the twins is open to a relationship of constant challenges, the other finds it quite hard to handle the dissolution of their boundaries.

The chaser and runner dynamic can last for up to 6 months or more depending on the time the runner takes to mature and understand some core principles of life needed for a more healthy and stable relationship.

Twin Flame Runner Return

You may be in this situation; you know deep down you love each other but you still keep on arguing over small matters, fighting, having an on off relationship and generally having a lot of differences.

There are some steps the two of you can take that would without doubt help the two of you resolve such differences and get to live the sweet cordial love you so desire.

Does your twin soul really do things meant to hurt you?

In most cases, there are meant to be differences in relationships and many at times your twin might do or say things that offend and hurt you. This is quite normal, therefore before calling it quits you should ask yourself; are the things they are doing that hurt you done on purpose to hurt you? Or are they unintentional but somehow still end up getting to you.

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Well, there might be some abusive relationships that one does things just to hurt the other either physically or emotionally; in this scenario you have a right to find a way of addressing it or if not possible call it quits.

However, if you can realize that whatever they are doing that hurt you is not quite intentionally directed towards you then you stand a better chance of solving the situation and getting a chance to enjoy each other’s love once more.

What triggers you in your partner’s behavior?

Try figure out that thing that triggers the negative emotion inside you. It might be a certain tone he/she uses, some phrase or some look. You have to find what really triggers the negativity in you and finally ask yourself, why? Why do you hate it so much? Why do you feel irritated by it?

Is it bitterness? Is it annoyance? Is it resentment?

Doing this would certainly uncover some hidden feelings inside you and definitely get to the root of the matter. If it’s from your end you can correct it and if from your partner’s end you can talk about it and get to a resolution.

Communicate with your twin soul

Open communication is one of the greatest and most powerful tool in human interaction especially in relationships. It gives the two of you the chance to know each other more and more, get to know each others likes and dislikes. Furthermore it enhances the love and affection between the two of you leading to a more peaceful and loving bond.

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Understand your twin flame’s perspective

However much you might be twins with numerous similarities, remember you lived a better part of your lives separately and in different situations of life.

The two of you are therefore set to experience some ideological differences and this is quite normal. It is the differences that make who we are and there are certain aspects we can’t change about each other. It would therefore only be proper to empathize with your twin soul’s different perceptions and ideologies.

Ask yourself; ‘what is this teaching me?’

You will come to realize the hard way that you will never be right at all times and each and every person you encounter in life has something to teach you.

Therefore instead of rebelling against your twin in moments of…

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