12 Unconscious Signs of Attraction Between a Man And a Woman

The body expresses love no matter how hard a person wants to stop it. In a love life, everything comes at the end but first comes the unconscious signs of attraction that are quite evident, but as we are unaware, we neglect them!

These signs instantly tell you when someone likes you. The body conveys the message and it is up to us to receive it.

When your mind starts to like someone, your body follows and shows these unconscious attraction signs:

1. Leaning towards the person shows attraction while leaning away indicates repulsion.

2. Head tilting means the person is interested especially when it is accompanied by the eye contact – avoiding eye contact means you are giving ‘not interested’ signal.

3. Feet and knees pointing at the person means there’s an attraction.

4. Our brain reacts in a certain way when we find someone attractive; the body shows this as, i.e. when we blush.

5. Racing heart shows that we are nervious, this is especially evident on our face, which is another sign we are attracted towards someone.

6. Copying the body language shows attraction; actions could also be mirrored, like when we order the same food.

How men and women show, attraction is entirely different. Here are the signs of male unconscious attraction:

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1. Parted lips – even for few seconds.

2. A raised eyebrow or quick rise and fall of the eyebrow.

3. Unconscious self-grooming.

4. Standing close.

5. Flared nostrils.

6. Legs slightly spread when standing.

7. Spreading of the leg when sitting.

8. Playing with the buttons of a jacket.

9. Touching his face unconsciously but erotically.

10. Eye contact.

11. Smiling whenever there’s an eye contact.

12. Standing a bit away from the group for being noticed.

That’s all for men, how women show unconscious attraction signs is a bit different, and here is how they do it:

1. Lowering of eyelids like they are shy.

2. Pouting.

3. Licking or biting of lips.

4. Emphasizing the breasts by raising shoulders upward.

5. Moving the wrist continuously to show the delicacy of their body.

6. Sitting with the crossed leg so that hips appear wider and legs become slimmer.

7. Standing in a way that one hip has more weight of the body than other.

8. Putting face on the hand in such a way that chin rests on the palm.

9. Hair flip.

10. Accidental touch.

11. A beautiful smile.

12. Standing close.

13. Unconscious self-grooming.

Other than these signs, there are also different signs of unconscious attraction, and they vary from person to person. Many people unconsciously emphasise their most attractive feature.

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For instance, they blink continuously to prominent their eyes, or they bite their lips to show how beautiful they are.

People also talk nervously when they are attracted as their mind is so busy in noticing the person they feel drawn to that they find it hard to control what they are saying – you could even expect this from a highly confident person.

The body doesn’t lie, and if you are already interested in someone then looking for these signs might help you know what is going on in their mind.

The body language is the best way to know if someone is interested in you.

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