Subconscious Signs a Man Likes You

We always keep on second guessing if a man is interested in us or not. We keep on looking for clues but never approach a level of certainty. If you pay close attention and identify the signs that men helplessly leave behind for you, you can find out for real if they are into you or not.

When someone likes you, their behaviour deviates from the normal. They exhibit quirks that are nowhere to be found in a person who isn’t attracted towards you like they are. Here are some subconscious signs a man likes you.

He gets all Nervy

Our minds work in mysterious ways. Even if you’re in a completely secure environment, you’ll feel a twinge of fear while watching a scary movie.

Similarly, our subconscious misconceiving minds presume that if we get to close to another person, it will most definitely result in an emotional vulnerability.

This inherent fear makes us act weirdly sometimes. If a man is acting as if he feels nervy getting close to you, he most certainly likes you.

Whenever you talk about relationships and love, he becomes skittish and shrugs off the topic because he is trying hard to conceal his unshakeable likeness towards you.

He can’t control his laughter around you

He knows that you’re not a hilarious fluff-ball, but he still laughs hysterically at things you find averagely funny. This floats the possibility that he likes your humour and feels elated in your presence.

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He smiles with his front teeth

Guys don’t usually smile with their front teeth wide open. They reserve such a smile for special occasions such as a guy’s night out or hilarious movie time.

I mean, a smile or two isn’t a sure indicator of his interest in you, but if he can’t control his smile and laughs with his front teeth, this may hint to the possibility that he likes you.

This might show that he doesn’t subconsciously feel vulnerable around you and isn’t hesitant to laugh with his guard down. This is a highly significant subconscious sign he likes you.

He tries to impress you

Guys like to boast off their specialities. It makes them feel all manly inside. Some men use intellect to woo women, and some use humour.

If he’s desperate to show you how talented he is in soccer and it shows in his tone, he wants you to recognise him and interpret his subconscious signs.

He can’t get his eyes off you

Some people think that mere eye contact is a sure indicator of likeness. But there’s a lot more to it. If a guy can’t get his eyes off your entire body including your eyes, then there is a massive possibility that he is drawn towards you.

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So, what are guys doing when they’re looking at a woman’s face or her body? They’re mentally picturing making out with them, creating imaginary scenarios where they’re kissing and nibbling on you.

You can feel a magnetic energy encompassing you both

Whenever you’re talking, you feel a magnetic pull between you both. You feel an instant energy when you’re around him. Trust me; this energy isn’t just limited to you.

That’s not how energies work. His frequency is trying to synchronise with yours, and that’s what makes you two lean towards each other. You can’t overlook this subconscious sign he likes you if you want to know for sure if he likes you or not.

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