Reiki, Healing and Truth

Did you know one of our foundational Spiritual Traditions from the ancient and Old World, with even greater relevance today, is a Spiritual Transformation principle at the heart of healing, healing modalities and Reiki?

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This Spiritual Transformation principle is Acceptance. Briefly explained as, thanks to Yoruba Priestess/New Thought Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant and her ground breaking 1996 book ‘The Spirit Of A Man’, acceptance is an internal process. A psychological and emotional release of beliefs and thought patterns. Recognition of the power of truth and the presence of Spirit and spiritual activity. The benefits of Acceptance is it facilitates transformation, fosters psychological and emotional stillness, subdues the ego. While building faith and inner strength. Creating attitude shifts and shifts in consciousness. The keyword for activating Acceptance is “Surrender”. Along with an activation affirmation, “I surrender to the power of truth and the presence of Spirit in my life.”

Now here is where rubber meets the road less travelled with how Acceptance as a Spiritual Transformation principle takes effect in our reality, based upon this Acceptance being ‘of Truth’, one aligns with the path of healing.

To say the least, Truth as a Spiritual principle can be a tricky concept for some and pretty elusive for many others, as it is defined from a spiritual frame of reference thanks to the classic 1931’s The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, Charles Filmore’s 1959’s, The Revealing Word, and Ernest Holmes’ 1942’s, The Dictionary of New Thought Terms, all reiterating, “Truth is an aspect of God (God is defined as the substance of life. The supreme energy of mind. The life, power, spirit, presence, activity of truth. The mother/father principle that creates and sustains all life.) that is all-encompassing. The foundation of spiritual principle. That which is in accord with the divine principle of God as the creative source and cause. The immutable, everlasting word that is now, has been, will ever be eternally consistent”.

Reiki, Acceptance and Truth go hand in hand as we must get to the root cause of any problem, disguised as challenges/disease and actually serving as life lessons, if we want to realize and actualize real healing. And because Reiki is Spiritually guided life force energy, it knows only Truth, as it is also holistic by nature.

Reiki, Healing and Truth

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The premise of Truth gets real tricky if/when some people live in a society that doesn’t consider nor care about truth or its ramifications nor ever being disclosed to truth whether partially or even at all especially not fully and/or don’t take seriously why truth is important whether in healing or in any type of relationship both with ourselves and the world at large, respectively.

Yet low and behold here we are today in the midst of the overwhelm of fake…

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