Unspoken Love Signs | Signs They Are In love With You

Even when there are no words spoken between two people, there are ways you can find out if they love you. All you need to do is pay attention, a keen eye, intuition and the ability to understand how people react.

Are you confident enough to read the signs of attraction between two people? Reading physical chemistry can be an easy or daunting task.

The signs of chemistry are easy enough to read if you look hard enough. If you don’t pay attention, you might miss the obvious signs.

Unspoken Love Signs | Signs Someone Loves you

Instead of missing the visible signs, we have made it easier for you by listing them below. It’s important you learn and remember them so you can recognise the signs and act on them.

Playing with hair

When someone is in love, they won’t leave their hair alone, and there are reasons for it. The first would be for comfort. When we are close to someone we like, it makes us nervous; we want to impress them with calmness. Stroking our hair achieves that.

Playing with hair also indicates they are open to flirting. Women flick and seductively twirl their hair. Men do this by raising their hands to play with their hair as well, its an unconscious wish to look taller.

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If you catch the eye of your partner in a crowded room, pay attention to their eyebrows. If they give you a brief, sudden lift, then they find you attractive.

The eyebrow flash is a reliable and strong indicator of sexual attraction. You have to pay attention; most eyebrow flashes are over within a second.

The eyebrow raise is also used as a way to unconsciously ask a question ” Are you attracted to me?”. If you raise your eyebrows in return, you are answering ”Yes”.

Pupil dilation

When their pupils dilate, it’s a dead giveaway of interest. The sympathetic nervous system controls it. Psychologists call it the three F’s; Fight, Flight, and Frolicking, it’s very primal.

Recent studies have shown that our pupils dilate when we look at arousing images.

Another study has shown that we find people with dilated pupils attractive. Its a flattering sign of interest.


The more they are smiling in your presence, the more they are feeling warm feelings of love, unless they are a man.

Studies show that men with high levels of testosterone smile a lot less than other people. Even in relationships, they don’t smile much.

This is one of the reasons why women find brooding male faces sexy. When a woman smiles a lot it’s a sign of affection.

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Shakira sang in the popular song, ”Hips don’t lie”. When it comes to body language, she is right. We tend to point our reproductive organs or hips towards people we are sexually attracted to.

So if they point their hips towards you, with arms uncrossed leaving their whole body open. Scientific research tells you they are into you.

Men draw attention to their hips to increase attraction. They will stand with their hands in their pockets but thumbs out. Unconsciously directing your gaze towards their nether region.


These five signs will help you find if your partner is into you. Being in love or attraction is not always verbal, body language is the indicator when it comes to love.

So the next time you are with your date, remember these five signs of attraction.

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