Subconscious Indicators Of Intimacy And Attraction

There are many subconscious indicators of intimacy and attraction that we might look for.

In fact, much of our communication is non-verbal, and we are all very skilled at picking up on it – even as we fail miserably at trying to hide our own feelings.

So if you’re hoping to spot if someone might fancy you, or perhaps if two people are hitting it off, these are some of the subconscious indicators you should look out for.

Subconscious Indicators: Body Language

Watching someone’s general body language is usually the first step to seeing if they are attracted to someone.

Positive signs of attraction and intimacy include an open body posture, such arms or legs spread wide and chin up, feet pointed towards the person, and sitting forward without hunching over.

All of these body language signs suggest someone is welcoming you in, inviting intimacy and demonstrating that you have their full attention.

It is well known that if you want to know where someone’s mind is, you should look at where their feet are pointing.

Subconscious Indicators: Facial Expression

It might seem obvious, but so many people miss it.


When someone can’t pull the smile off their face when they are around you, that is a good sign that they feel some attraction to you, even if it’s not romantic or sexual in nature.

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Couple this with a lot of eye contact and laughter and you could be on to a winner.

On the subject, eye contact is a sure sign of intimacy.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and sharing eye contact with someone can make us feel very vulnerable as though someone is looking past the facade and seeing us properly.

Without intimacy, people avoid this.

Subconscious Indicators: Physical Contact & Closeness

When two people are really vibing and attracted to each other, there tends to be a lot of physical contact.

That isn’t to say they’re all over each other, of course.

But things like a tap on the arm or knee, putting an arm around the shoulders and sitting very close to each other in absolute comfort suggest a level of intimacy and attraction.

On the other hand, when someone initiates physical contact or stands / sits very close to us, this can make us feel very uncomfortable.

Even if the person is nice enough and not bad looking, we can feel a sudden wave of repulsion.

This is because most people require at least some attraction and intimacy in order to be that close to someone, having them in their personal space.

So those are the typical subconscious indicators of intimacy and attraction that you can look out for the next time you’re talking to someone that you might be interested in to see if they are interested in you.

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