6 Signs Of Romantic Attraction You Should Know

The most exciting times in our lives are mostly when we are dating someone new.

To protect pride and ego from rejection, people often hide romantic attraction from each other.

Unfortunately, the nature of relationships means that people are not able to open and honest with each other about their feelings.

Signs Of Romantic Attraction

Luckily, we are all so bad at it. Here are 6 signs of romantic attraction that nobody can hide:


You can’t really fake a smile.

Or rather you can, but most people can tell a fake smile, and nobody likes a phoney smiler.

Smiling is a naturally occurring sign that someone is enjoying being around you.

This on its own might not mean romantic attraction, but without it, there is little chance they like you at all!

Open Posture

An open posture is one where the body is spread out, arms wide and maybe legs apart (more common for men).

This type of body language indicates comfort and a welcoming attitude, meaning that they feel comfortable being around you and are inviting you to stay there.

It is a part of physical chemistry, which is an integral part of the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Eye Contact

Another body language sign, the amount of eye contact between two people is a reliable indicator of romantic attraction.

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If you have ever accidentally made eye contact with a stranger, you will know how intimate eye contact can be and how uncomfortable unintentional intimacy always is.

So when two people are comfortable making eye contact for long periods of time, they share an intimacy that lends itself to an attraction.

They Make An Effort

It sounds obvious, but often underappreciated – they make a special effort to look good when they see you.

Early in a relationship, we don’t see the prep work that goes into a “date” or a similar night out.

But we can tell when someone has gone the extra mile to dress up and look their best.

And we all know how much of an effort that can be – unless we’re doing it for someone we really like.

Pay attention to that, and you’ll see how much they want your attention.

They Always Want To Talk

Most of the romantic attraction between people is not physical, but personal. A lot is made of beach bodies and getting ripped, but most of how we feel about a person romantically is based on conversation and personality.

If they always want to talk to you, you have what they want.

This is a powerful indicator of romantic attraction and should not be underestimated.

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And There Is Nobody Else

Finally, the surest sign of romantic attraction is that they forego opportunities to date other people.

Genuine attraction is exclusive to one person at a time. Mostly.

A person whose attention is divided between two romantic prospects is not really into either of them on any real level.

They are probably just physically attracted, which is not close to the same thing.

But somebody who gives you their full attention, who isn’t holding on to a plan B and who has no interest in anybody but you is sure to be genuinely head over heels for you.

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