Learning from Your Ego by Way of Meditation

Pride and ego are natural parts of ourselves. Sadly, both pride and ego are mostly associated with negativity.

However, negativity is not all bad. In fact, Reiki teaches us that it is part of a system that enables us to learn from the good and bad parts; Yin and Yang.

In Reiki, there is no middle ground and Reiki is also known to be a neutral form of energy.

This article will enable you to understand how the ego makes us human. Here are some steps:

Step 1: Close Your Eyes and Center yourself

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Sitting cross-legged or in lotus position, find a comfortable seat and tune inwards. Remember to keep slow, deep breathing that will help in the latter part of your session.

Meditate for as long as you feel comfortable with, and ask yourself a question. “Who am I?”

The answer will emanate through your subconscious. Take note of the first words that come to mind and focus on that word. If the word is negative, simply let that thought go and accept it as a part of the process.

We are all made of many facets of ourselves that make us who we are today.

As you tune into yourself, let go of any thoughts of negativity or parts of yourself that you dislike.

Once you are done centering yourself, move on to the next step.

Learning from Your Ego by Way of Meditation

Step 2: Grounding Yourself

Remember that ego is a form of self-preservation. We have several ways of preserving ourselves. Call to mind certain habits that you have. Think about what you can do to overcome it or even improve it.

Every one of us is different. As you ground yourself, slowly accept and feel the ego slowly getting smaller and smaller. Let your higher self or inner-being guide you to the positive parts of yourself.

Focus on your Root chakra, the source from where ego emanates from. If you feel drawn, use the Power Symbol or any other symbol you have been taught if you are a Reiki Level 2 and above.

Use the symbol to ground yourself and imagine roots or mother earth keeping you in the centre of your body. Imagine a bright golden light covering you from head to toe, cleansing you.

Step 3: Change your thoughts and perception of the ego

Our thoughts are the beginning of our everyday process. Even if there are some remains of negative parts of ourselves, we have to learn to accept them. After all, it makes us who we are and provides balance.

Clear your thoughts of negativity as much as you can. Using the Harmony symbol, focus on using these thoughts and emotions to become a better practitioner.

Repeat these words: “I am bigger than my thoughts, and I am stronger than my ego.”

Step 4: Transformation

Once you are finished centering, grounding and changing your thought process, you are ready to face the day with a spring in your step!

Like a butterfly, we constantly transform to grow. Transformation takes time, and patience is key in order to learn from your ego. Remove the former thoughts and perceptions you had of the…

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