What If Reiki Is Especially for These Times

Think about or do a little research into when our modern version of Reiki was discovered by Sensi Mikao Usui, look at the timeline of what was happening throughout the world. What technologies were in effect? How were they implemented?

Fast forward to the timeline we find ourselves upon today and look at events happening now. Look at the technologies we have come to rely upon in our daily lives. We all use computers, whether, desktop, laptop/tablet, smartphone, smartwatch. Computers have made reaching out, connecting with and contacting each other relatively easy and effortless. Especially with the scenario we find ourselves in today, the use of computers is growing for educational, employment, recreational, and even enlightenment purposes, moment by moment. Furthermore, now more than ever applications like facetime, skype, and zoom are being utilized daily, all conveniently and most importantly remotely, all under the directive of artificial intelligence.

Now consider Reiki again, as the Spiritually conscious, Universal Life Force Energy that it is and what that means relative/in comparison to artificial intelligence. Now include and reconsider the sacred symbols which are at our disposal to be applied intentionally, wisely whenever we need to reach beyond/however creatively we choose, towards whatever we choose. Take note of the distance symbol HSZSN, its remote capabilities and how it defies modern physics and logic. With the distance symbol HSZSN we can literally reach anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime, again easily effortlessly, yet all under the directive of Spirit.

What If Reiki Is Especially for These Times

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What if Reiki is our first example of the ultimate natural technology?

Just as throughout the computing world the concept of ‘singularity’ is real yet hard to fathom, as we witness billions daily immersed in their own world within the screen in front of them, collectively yet individually, simultaneously.

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Consider what singularity would look like with regards to Reiki. If each sole Reiki practitioner were remotely, yet unified in intention and used the distance symbol HSZSN approximately around the same timeframe, for the same purposes consistently, what do you imagine may be possible to heal, to aid, to uplift, to influence for the betterment of humankind/ nature/ Earth/ beyond, not just once, but on an ongoing basis?

Taking this further, we are currently on the verge of unknown ramifications based upon choices to make. What if Reiki practitioners remotely yet collectively took account of best choices scenarios and positive possible outcomes and used the distance symbol HSZSN, while anchoring in what’s best for self, humanity, and nature’s best interests/highest greatest good, on a consistent basis.

We are all approaching an opportunity to balance and unify ourselves based upon the as above so below credo, and it would be to each and all’s best interest to consider the power in numbers and how with good intentions Reiki is an extremely…

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