When the Law of Attraction Fails

It can be crushing when the Law of Attraction fails. You want something so badly and you’re doing everything you can to make it happen, but all you see are signs that the Law of Attraction isn’t working.

When the Law of Attraction fails, what should you do?

Is something going wrong for the Law of Attraction to fail?

Do you need to change the tools you’re using to manifest your desire?

I’ll answer those questions and more, but first here are some questions and examples submitted by readers. I hope they can help you gain some insight and know you are not alone.

“Missing the sign” asks, “I asked [the] universe [for] a special sign in 24 hours if my desire (a job) is manifesting, but nothing ? . What [does] it mean? I should correct my method?”

“Show me the money” wrote, “I have asked for 2 things from the universe- 1 to come into millions of euro and 2 to get my dream car. I have had the feeling the something is manifesting or in the works for this to happen regarding the car and since I have asked for my dream car I have seen loads of the car almost every day, in fact in the space of 30 mins today I saw 9 of them! [I]t’s a unique model so [it] wouldn’t be that common.

The thing is there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the money manifesting as I had 3 opportunities to get what I asked for over the last week and nothing happened so I don’t know what’s wrong here?”

“Down and out” asks, “I do find that I always get stuck in ruts. I’ll see a TON of stuff happen that I want to happen….then things will stop.

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My question is how to continually keep the “blessings” flowing. It’s not as if I intend for bad stuff to happen…but if things don’t go my way I stop believing in my ability and it’s a downward spiral. How do I stop being a “fair weather manifestor”? As always, thank you!!! :D”

My Answer

The Law of Attraction never fails.

It always brings you what you ask for most strongly.

You may have the best idea of what you want to manifest. You may know all the details about the job you want or exactly how you’ll spend your millions of euros.

But if you aren’t putting the right energy into it, your intention probably won’t manifest.

Your emotions tell you what kind of energy you’re putting into manifesting your desire. Positive emotions like joy and love involve an energy that attracts your desire to you. Negative emotions like fear and doubt can repel your desire, producing an experience where it appears the Law of Attraction fails.

The energy itself comes from the Universe. It’s the energy you tap into when you use heart energy.

You can tell how strongly you’re tapped into Universal energy by your emotions.

  • Little to no emotion means you’re using very little energy to create your desire.
  • Negative emotions indicate you’re not creating what you want (the experience of the Law of Attraction failing).
  • The more positive your emotions, the more energy you’re putting into attracting your desire to you.
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You can’t experience both positive and negative emotions and expect good results. When one moment you’re worried that the Law of Attraction isn’t working because things aren’t happening when and how you want them to, and then another moment you feel really happy that you have your new job, you’re sending the Universe mixed signals.

It’s like you’re vibration is saying, “Yes, bring me that,” and then you immediately say, “No, send it back.” You’re effectively canceling you’re order before you ever receive it. Thus, it appears that the Law of Attraction fails.

Yet, the Law of Attraction never fails because it always brings you what you asked for most strongly.

Even the most innocent thoughts and statements can have a powerful impact on what you manifest, especially when they are combined with emotion.

“The Law of Attraction isn’t working”

Have you ever said that? Or thought it?

If you’re like most people, you were probably frustrated, disappointed, or upset when you did so.

Every time you’ve thought or uttered this phrase, you’ve affirmed to the Universe that the Law of Attraction isn’t working.

Because the Universe brings you what you believe and expect, it brings you more experiences of the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

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Every time you think that your desire isn’t manifesting, is taking forever, is hard to manifest, and so on… you are giving power to the belief that your desire isn’t manifesting, is taking forever, is hard to manifest…

You are affirming the belief and experience of “The Law of Attraction isn’t working.”

If you changed your beliefs, you would attract experiences of the Law of Attraction working.

This can be as simple as changing your thoughts.

You can start with “The Law of Attraction is working.”

You may also like, “I believe in my ability to manifest.”

Before you know it, your beliefs and experiences will switch from the Law of Attraction fails to…

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