7 Spiritual Meanings of Getting Fired: Dreams & Real Life

Have you had a recent experience of getting fired in real life? How about having recurring dreams of getting fired? Then, this article is for you. 

In the spiritual world, it is important to note that there are no coincidences. Nothing happens without a specific reason from heaven. 

Therefore, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you got fired (in a dream or real life) without a reason. There is a spiritual meaning and explanation to the reason behind getting fired.

In this article, I will share some of my experiences with you. In addition to that, you will also gain access to the 7 spiritual meanings of getting fired

Does this mean bad luck? Well, you will find out by reading this article till the end. 

Spiritual meaning of getting fired in real life

getting fired in real life

In real life, getting fired has several spiritual messages. In this section, we will only focus on the most important messages. Read on to find out. 

Your career represents a season/phase in your life. Getting fired brings an end to your career.

Spiritually, this also points to the end of a season of your life. The moment you get your retrenchment letter/notice, accept it as the end of a cycle in your life. 

I understand how painful it must be. However, it is not advantageous to dwell on the negative feeling for long.

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Rather, meditate more on what the universe has in store for you in the new season. 

Start making plans on how to harness the opportunities in the future for your benefit. 

Also, if the job you recently lost was stressful, then, this sign reveals that the universe wants you to pay more attention to your health.

Before you seek another job, ensure you go for a medical check-up and have a consistent healthy routine.

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming of getting Fired from work

dreaming of getting Fired from work

Your dreams speak a lot concerning your waking moments in life.

However, if you dream of getting fired at work, it does not correlate with getting fired in real life. I need to emphasize this to eliminate fear in your heart. 

However, this dream could reflect your inner fears of losing your job. Once you return to your consciousness, deal with that fear.

Spend time reminding yourself of how valuable you are to your organization. Practice some positive affirmations, and have faith that things will turn out fine. 

Furthermore, this dream could be a reflection of fatigue. It means that the core of your being is exhausted. Now, does this mean you should opt out? No!

Rather than doing that, you can take a break from work (if possible) to recuperate, rejuvenate, and revitalize yourself. 

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Spiritually, whenever you dream of getting fired from work, it means you have to be careful about the people you trust at work.

This dream could be revealing a hidden message to you. Possibly, someone at work is planning evil for you, which the dream reveals.

Therefore, be extra cautious while at work.

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Spiritual meaning of someone else getting fired in a dream

someone else getting fired in a dream

Now, when you dream of someone else getting fired, it might not be as intense as seeing yourself fired

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the omen. 

Whenever you have this dream, it speaks of job insecurity. This means you feel insecure about your job because of the performance of one of your colleagues.

This is why you had a dream of such a person getting fired. 

Well, the universe wants you to eliminate that insecure feeling.

The performance of your colleague does not dampen your creativity or downplay your relevance at work.

Therefore, rather than feel bad and unwanted, cohabit and cooperate with the person

Additionally, when you have this dream, it could also mean prayers. That is, spend time praying for the person in your dream — especially if they are familiar.

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The devil is planning to take his/her job. God revealed it to you because you are in the perfect position to deal with the situation. 

Seeing someone else getting fired in your dream also inspires you to work harder. Don’t become too complacent at work because of a recent milestone achievement. Stay focused, determined, and diligent.

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7 Spiritual meanings of dream about getting fired from job

7 Spiritual meanings of dream about getting fired from job

We have discussed a lot already!

However, I want to share the 7 spiritual meanings I got from a recent dream about getting fired from a job

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these meanings. Here they are. 

1) Change

When I had that dream, the first message that came to my mind spoke of a transition process.

It revealed that something is about to change in my life, which I must be prepared for. 

Well, I didn’t lose my job. However, I had to relocate to a different vicinity, which led to a change…

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