A Reiki Treatment Plan – From Hand Activation to Final Cleaning

Most probably each Therapist has his own way to receive his clients, nevertheless, here below I present a possible sequence.

Hands activation

When activating hands, you show your respect for the Reiki Symbols and at the same time you increase the energy made available. To activate hands, always activate the non-dominant hand in first place with all the symbols you have starting from the last one received. If you want to give a little energy boost, you can draw the CKR on the back of your hands by drawing it, in first place, on the non-dominant hand.

Energetic cleaning

Along the day all of us accumulate lots of negative energy and it is convenient to get rid of it, prior to the treatment, by using the Kenyoku (don’t forget to clean the floor afterwards).


Protection is one of the key words in Reiki (together with Intention), it doesn’t make sense if you are to be affected by client’s negative energy. For me the best protection scheme is to draw a CKR in front of you, while expressing the intention to protect yourself, followed by a CKR in each of the chakras from Root to Crown. If you feel so, you can indicate the energy to seal both front and back chakras.

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Room cleaning

The room cleaning can be performed in several ways but the most complete is to draw the CKR or SHK+CKR on the walls, clockwise and starting from the north wall. Clean corners as well as windows and doors, ceiling and floor. To finish, draw all your symbols in the centre of the room.
You can use an incense stick while drawing symbols


Grounding is important to help us control the energy and is part of our protection. The client should also be grounded.
The Grounding conditions should be checked during the treatment and repeated if necessary.

Client reception

Having completed your preparation, its time to receive the client. Generally, I have a small talk with the client to evaluate progress and assess his condition. The conversation has a duration of 15/20 minutes exception made to the first treatment in which I make a full assessment of client condition namely diabetes; blood pressure; actual health condition; previous illnesses and surgical interventions….

Client cleaning

If you sense that the client is heavily charged with negative energy, you can clean him before the treatment by sweeping the energy to the ground (don’t forget to clean the floor afterwards).

Sweep the energy three times from the centre of the back, at shoulder level, downward the arms ending after fingertips; sweep the energy three times from the centre of the back, at shoulder level, to the waist line; sweep the energy three times from the centre of the back, at shoulder level, and conduct it downwards trough the arms and outside of legs to the ground. End with a CKR on the back.

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Scan/Byosen Scan

The scan is a very important aspect in the treatment as it will give us information on the client’s energy imbalances thus helping us to address the most important aspects. The Scan…

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