Energetics Of Essential Oils By Plant Parts

I’ve been extremely fascinated with the energetic aspect of essential oils since the time I started using them. I love to observe how essential oils are affecting my body, emotions, energy, spiritual practices.

Lately I’ve been learning about energetic connection between the plant parts and essential oils. I must admit that it’s incredibly interesting and in fact each essential oils does carry the energy from the plant right to the bottle and to us when we use it. Today I want to shed more light on the energetic aspect of essential oils regarding the plant part they are extracted from.


Seeds have relationship with the reproductive system of the plant and on their energetic level essential oils that come from the seeds represent new life, new beginning, new ideas, new potential, nourishment and growth, they aid creativity. Also these oils are helpful in cleansing the blocked energy.

Seed essential oils (angelica seed, fennel, celery, coriander, carrot seed, aniseed, cardamom, nutmeg) are really good to use when you feel stuck in your thought patterns, when you feel frustrated, having communicative problems or misunderstanding with your partner or other people, when you find it difficult to come up with a new idea, or lacking of creativity, feeling exhausted, need inner nourishment, can’t stay in a present moment, feeling hopeless or lacking of self-esteem, experiencing problems in a sexual life.

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The energy of root essential oils is very grounding, it provides stability, nourishment and support, in order to go through challenging situations in our lives. Root essential oils are helping us to get the needed strengths within, helping to keep the balance in our energy body. They help us to calm down and connect with the Mother Earth.

Root essential oils (angelica root, ginger, vetiver, spikenard) are really great to use when we feel anxious, fearful, lacking of inner strengths, feeling overwhelmed, instability, when we need to recharge our inner self, when we feel disconnected or empty. They also help to move the energy down in cases when we tend to accumulate more energy in our upper chakras.


From the energetic perspective wood essential oils are conducting energy in our energy body and are able to move the stuck energy, providing balance and support. These essential oils are very centering, they are great for doing inner work, self-contemplation, self-observation and understanding, which makes them a perfect match to meditations.

Essential oils from wood/trunk (sandalwood, cedarwood, palo santo, rosewood) are very good for people who struggle with insecurity, lack of self esteem or connection with the self, lack of inner stability, these who need to be centered or re-connected within.

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Resin essential oils are carrying protective and healing energy. They can help to clear the negative energy from our auric field. When used during meditation they help us to connect with the divine, or higher…

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