21 Signs You Have Victim Mentality and How to Be More Empowered — Follow Your Own Rhythm

2. Unable to forgive others

As mentioned above, forgiveness is a pivotal part of self-empowerment, and when you hold a grudge and blame others, you stay stuck in victim mode.

Forgiveness isn’t about others and how they hurt you, it’s about YOU and your response to the pain inflicted on you. Your sense of power lies in your ability to forgive, let go of anger, resentment, and hatred, and find peace within.

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3. Letting people or situations affect how you feel

You’re having a great day and then someone says they don’t like your shoes and it puts you in a bad mood. Or you’re feeling great and suddenly get a flat tire and you get pissed off and remain annoyed. Or you’re happy as ever and then your kid throws up all over you and it ruins your day.

These types of responses are all signs that you have victim mentality because you are letting the outside world determine your mood, how you feel and how happy you are.

It’s okay to get affected by life and to feel angry and annoyed, but don’t let these negative emotions LINGER and bring you down so much that it changes your whole frequency.

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4. Projecting fears and insecurities onto others

This means that because you dislike certain parts about yourself, you assume that other people also dislike them. Or because you have a negative outlook on life, you also assume that people see things the same way and you interpret their actions as if they are judging you, trying to hurt you, dislike you, etc. Or you have a fear of something, let’s say being vulnerable, and when someone triggers this fear, you lash out at them or hurt them in some way.

Hurting others because we ourselves are hurting inside is highly unconscious. Stop projecting your fears and insecurities onto others and instead become aware of your deeper emotional pains, and work to resolve them without hurting anyone in the process.

5. Feeling like you need to be helped, saved or rescued

Constantly relying on others to help you, save you from your misery, change your life circumstance, give you money, give you food, give you shelter, give you free stuff…..relying on others to recognize your gifts, to make you feel special, to make you feel whole… relying on people’s opinions, feedback, and perception of you to define who you are, and waiting for the world to change in order to meet your needs are all ways that you’re playing victim. STOP GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY and STOP WAITING for the future, the government, or some other person, experience, authority figure, or life situation to save you. ONLY YOU can save you.

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6. Not doing what you genuinely want to do or ignoring your dreams because you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t

This idea of what we can or should do is a self-inflicted idea based on how we’ve been programmed to think about what is possible, what is okay, what is acceptable, etc. At the end of the day however, it’s up to you to decide what you can and should do. You have a choice. You have a choice to not fall for the world’s idea of an acceptable dream, career, lifestyle, or way of being. Nothing is too big or too crazy unless you let the world dictate what is possible.

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7. Mindlessly following the crowd

So many people go through life doing what everyone else is doing, doing what’s popular, doing what is socially “normal,” following traditions, following the latest trends, eating what the commercials brainwash them to eat, thinking like everyone else thinks, believing what mainstream culture believes, and completely living without any AUTHENTICITY.

Stop following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing and start living life in a way that is authentic to you. Do what brings you joy and is true to you even if it means being rejected by your friends, family, or society. You will eventually find your tribe of like minded people who totally get you, love you, and whole heartedly embrace you.

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8. Letting the past define you – living in the past

Whatever happened to you when you were younger has nothing to do with who you can be today. Do not let your failures, mistakes, traumas, hardships, and negative experiences define what you can do and who you can become. Life is limitless and so is your infinite power for healing from the past and living your FULL potential.

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