What To Choose – Single Essential Oil Or A Blend?

Sometimes you have a question about what to choose. Should I go for a single oil or better a blend.

Basically single essential oil is great, it has many benefits and uses, and you can blend it at home if you like, with other oils, to make a blend. If you enjoy doing so, like I do for example. Also it is great to get single essential oils and slowly grow your essential oil collection or better to say supply, at home. So later on you can just pick few which you feel like are great for specific purpose of use and just blend them together to create a synergy, where you enhance the benefits of single essential oils for a better results.

But let’s say, you’re on a budget or just don’t know or don’t like to blend the oils. Then it’s better to choose a ready blend of essential oils. Plus the blends have other benefits. Think of by getting one bottle of essential oil blend you can literally benefit from all of the other essential oils that are included in that blend.

It can be a blend of three oils or a blend of even ten essential oils. Some of them can be really rare to find in a pure form due to many reasons, or it can be pretty costly to buy it on its own, like Melissa or Rose. These essential oils are expensive (usually 100$+ for a small 2 ml bottle) and you may not always be able to afford to buy it easily. If they have cheap affordable price – watch out, it can be stretched, adulterated or totally fake one.

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So essential oil blend here is definitely the winner. Even though I’m obsessed about essential oils and have a pretty large collection of them now and I love blending them together, but I still sometimes prefer to get a ready blend.

As for beginners in this field I’d suggest to have some very basic and versatile couple of single essential oils like Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Geranium, Peppermint, Copaiba. And few blends for easy use which are helpful for, let’s say, trauma, leg or joint pain, digestive support, immune support or emotional support. So you don’t have to think much which oil to pick and how to mix.

These would be in my opinion the best and the most affordable options.

If you really want to buy only one bottle of essential oil, then go for the blend but check which oils are included in it to know how you can benefit from the blend. And use only high quality oils, not the synthetic aromatic versions from the dollar store. Because quality really matters.



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