Bringing Reiki into Our Day – Everyday!

Reiki energy is not just for when we have an ache or pain, not just for special occasions, and not just something we trot out when attending Reiki shares or mediation circles (though we love it there, for sure!) Reiki is vital, universal energy that we can, and should, activate consistently in our everyday lives. Reiki will help us to feel a sense of connection to Spirit, making us feel calmer and more capable of dealing with life situations that arise. It can relax our bodies and minds so that we enjoy deeper and more sound sleep, increase our self confidence, boost immunity and protect us from negative energies that darken our mood and cause our best laid plans to go to rubbish.

We can send Reiki to our day ahead; to situations we think might cause us stress or may need increased focus and concentration. We can send Reiki to past events to treat emotional trauma and mend ancestral divides to heal family rifts. We can use it as a tool to connect to angels and spirit guides for wisdom, strength and guidance. If you are not using Reiki everyday to its fullest, you are missing out on its powerful, life enhancing gifts.

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Practicing Reiki along with meditation daily is good for our attitude and general health, it relieves stress and calms the mind and body. It removes blocked energy so the body is able to get back to the business of healing itself. It builds strength and bolsters immunity. When we are not fully connected to energy, to nature and to spirit, we become like a poor wifi signal, wavering, weak, unreliable. Taking only a few minutes daily to connect to self and to spirit will empower us and bring positive energy to every encounter, every challenge we face in our day.

We should never underestimate the power in each of us to use love and light to heal our sometimes chaotic world. We can send Reiki to calm the raging winds of hurricanes and tornadoes. We can invite the rain to quench and soothe out of control forest fires. We can connect to ocean, lakes and rivers and to bless and strengthen our wildlife and marine animals. We can send healing to earth, using loving energy to quiet the turmoil that may lie below its surface.

Bringing Reiki into Our Day - Everyday!

Reiki helps us to remember who we are. It brings awareness of our place in the universe and reminds us of our power to heal and change our lives, our circumstances, and the lives and circumstances of other beings who need our assistance and strength. We are more than just our job, our living arrangements, how much money we make (or don’t), and our relationships. We can have a profound influence on every person we meet if we are aware and practice tolerance and love. We are a powerful force for change and healing.

Reiki combined with meditative practice is good for the collective health of the people around us, those we interact with everyday, and those we cannot physically touch but who are still positively…

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