4 Tips to Connect with Your Divine Feminine

We are all familiar with the yin and yang of life. The yin or feminine energy represents several aspects of the Universe including the passive, nurturing, receptive, gentle, healing, openness, love, emotions, motherhood, forgiveness, connection, harmony, sensuality and creation. The yang or masculine energy, on the other hand, represents the more fierce, logical, outgoing, fast, active, goal-oriented and focused aspect. Although it is believed that men represent the masculine energy and the women signify feminine, the truth is we all embody both of these opposing energies which complement each other.

Yin and yang energies influence and transform each other, merge into each other and create the physical world. The physical world is a manifestation of ‘Ki’ or ‘Qi’ energy, alternating between yin and yang energies, producing all physical things. When ‘Ki’ is properly balanced between our yin and yang aspects, the energy flows smoothly and we experience emotional balance and good health. But today’s modern lifestyle has offset this balance leading to chaos and the surge of several emotional and physical maladies, e.g. it has become increasingly hard to maintain the qualities of compassion and softness while we are trying to establish ourselves in competitive careers and deliver the best performance possible. Due to this, many of us lose touch with our feminine side – the more gentle and passive aspect of ourselves. No wonder why diseases like breast cancer, PCOS, endometriosis, etc. are escalating everyday. We need to reclaim our feminine aspect, to experience more bliss and harmony in our health and relationships.

4 Tips to Connect with Your Divine Feminine

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Here is a primer on how we can connect with our feminine Self:

  1. Engage in creative pursuits: Women are naturally creative. So it is important that you do something to engage the right side of your brain, this helps to balance the rational and analytical side (which is generally more developed in today’s scenario) with the intuitive and imaginative side (which is the left side of the brain). Do whatever interests you be it painting, dancing, singing, stitching, or anything exciting.
  2. Befriend and associate with other women: Connecting with other women helps you heal your own ideas and insecurities around femininity. Sharing ideas, exchanging emotions and understanding other women brings about the most alchemical transformation and helps you grow as you watch other women coming from eclectical mix of backgrounds and thought processes.
  3. Tune into your intuition: It is important to tap into your imagination and hone your intuition. Take a few minutes everyday to introspect and examine how you are feeling. Become more aware of your emotions and work on your Third Eye chakra (as I described in one of my previous articles ‘4 Ways to Cleanse and Strengthen Your Third Eye Chakra’. This would help you develop your intuitive faculty which is a core Divine Feminine quality. Our ‘gut feelings’,…
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