How to Create Your Own Subliminals?

How to Create Your Own Subliminals

There are hundreds of subliminals out there on the internet, and each of the creators boasts about their effectiveness. But if you have found it hard to use that subliminal and haven’t tried the magic of listening to a subliminal, this article is for you.

Subliminals are the most powerful tools of manifestation, and the researchers provide you 100 percent guaranteed outcomes. However, not all subliminals available on the internet are effective; some of them are even dangerous to use. You must have come across several unbusted myths and truths about using a subliminal available online.

All this reading must have let you think – why not create a subliminal yourself? Moreover, you can use your specific desire for manifestation when you create a subliminal by yourself. This liberty is not provided by the established makers of subliminals.

Don’t worry; we know what you are going through. You can now create your own audios and seek power and manifest out of those. If you compare listening to audio from a stranger and a self-recorded voice, you can easily notice the difference. Obviously, the former audio will not make you feel impactful as you listen to it. But the self-recorded audios are extremely powerful and will bring about the desired effect in manifestation.

Since you will be creating the audio track, there is no way you will be inserting dodgy or unwanted messages in it. It will be purely created by you without any interference.

However, people think that creating subliminals is challenging and almost impossible and should never be tried. Let us educate you with the sweet truth – It is easy to create subliminals. You don’t need any computer technology skills, and you don’t have to be a techie. You simply can do it on your own on your home computer or laptop. All you need are five minutes and a lot of attention and focus on creating the best subliminal for yourself.

Before we step towards the process of creating a subliminal, here are the solid reasons why you should develop one at home:

1. It is risky to use a stranger’s subliminals for your own manifestation.

Any person who can utilize the internet and can create audio tracks can upload a subliminal for further use without even knowing whether it is effective or not. They may or may not have a good intention behind this creation. Some messed-up and erratic people can tamper with the messages hidden in the subliminals. As you listen to it in a subconscious state, chances of manipulation are higher than expected.

Some trusted programs are certainly available, but the possibilities of weird people with negative intentions are higher. For example, they might try to convert you into another religion, or ask for money, or spread negativity or even force you to join a cult.

It is scary to use such audio, and you need to keep yourself far from the negativity. When you have a self-created subliminal, you have complete authority over the messages you choose, and you can expect guaranteed outcomes.

2. You seek a chance to record the subliminal in your voice

There is nothing better and positive than your own voice. The speaker’s voice in the recorded subliminals could be misleading and untrusting. When you listen to your own voice, you seek confidence, and you know it is your manifestation ritual. You have put special effort into it. You can use your mother tongue, accent and don’t have to listen to some weird accent. As it is easy to record at home, you don’t need an expert to record your affirmations.

3. You can be specific

As being specific is utterly important for successful manifestation and using the Law of Attraction in the best possible manner, you can use subliminals for that. Specific doesn’t mean asking for some money, but 1000 dollars in one week. Yes, it can happen. However, you don’t have to be highly specific by stating, ‘earn 99.56 dollars and mess up with the Universe. But as compared to the generic subliminals on the internet, a self-created specific one is too effective.

Things you need to create your own subliminal

To create a subliminal, you will need certain ingredients –

  • A microphone (Something that really works well and is within your budget, you can find budget-friendly options on Amazon and other portals).
  • A list of affirmations on a paper.
  • A subliminal software.
  • A computer or a good laptop with internet connectivity.
  • Some quality time.

Process of creating a subliminal

Now, let us get to the thing that we really want to know and educate ourselves. The procedure of creating a subliminal is here:

1. Choose and draft the right affirmation for your desire

No person in the world knows what exactly you desire and wish to manifest. Only you know it. However, it is vital to note down your affirmations properly on the paper to record them well. This will avoid any issues when you are actually recording the subliminal, or you will confuse what to speak further.

Tips for writing better affirmations

  1. Ensure that you are specific while writing down the goal.
  2. Use positive language when you draft an affirmative statement. For example, “I am lonely, and I want a life partner” sounds messed-up, but “I am grateful to have a life partner” sounds promising.
  3. Use present tense while drafting the affirmations.
  4. Put strong emotions in your affirmations. They should not be technical.

You can draft multiple affirmations relating to one desire or goal. However, if you want only one affirmation, you can keep it on loop in the track.

2. Use the right program to record audio

Each software developer provides an exhaustive list of guidelines and instructions to follow while creating a subliminal. It is obvious to feel overwhelmed, but you can stick to one after checking the reviews online and seeking others’ recommendations. Find a program that works easily for you and doesn’t consume much of your time and energy.

A good subliminal software program will:

  1. It helps you record custom subliminals as per your goals and does not force you to pick the affirmations from a given list.
  2. It allows you to use any music or audio tracks and not give a specified list.
  3. Makes use of binaural or isochronic beats in the audio.
  4. It allows you to create as many affirmations as you want.
  5. It is easy to use.
  6. It is affordable or free of cost.

3. Prepare your Subliminal

Your affirmation is ready; the software program is in your hands, now you should start the process as specified by the program creators. Follow the instructions and do it!

4. Know about Binaural and Isochronic Beats

We can’t end this process without explaining to you about binaural and isochronic beats.

Binaural Beats – Two separate tones are played in an ear. The brain has to balance the frequencies to seek sense out of it. Since our brain works on various frequencies during the day, these audios help your brain settle in a receptive mode. These are not complex to listen to, effective, and you can harness the effects by using headphones.

Isochronic Tones – These are pulsating and can be heard as one sound frequency. The frequency between the pulses reconciles, and the brain interprets the same. You don’t need headphones to listen to these audio tracks.

5. Learn about waves

Alpha Waves

– These are to relax, be creative and visualize, learn, reprogram the mind, inspire and be happy, get rid of anxiety and depression, and find true love.

Beta Waves

– These are for concentration, finance, confidence, de-addictions, attention and focus, memory improvement, and athletic abilities.

Theta Waves

– These are for meditation and relaxation, fighting insomnia, dreaming, and visualization.

Yes, your subliminal is ready if you have followed every step of the above process. You don’t have to worry about the subliminal makers on the internet and create as much as you want by yourself.

With this knowledge you will feel confident about creating your own subliminals. Go ahead and do create the one you want – All the best!

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