How to Let Go of Your Desires and Let Them Manifest Effectively?

Let Go of Your Desires and Manifest Effectively

When you manifest, the most challenging task to do is to let go of your desires. Well, this is tougher than it sounds because your desires are like your only aspirations in life that give you a solid purpose to live. And letting them go is like ignoring your deepest desires and not thinking about them at all when you actually yearn for them.

But no matter how tough and unbearable it sounds, you ought to go through the process of letting go. In Law of Attraction, this seems to be the most challenging yet significant task without which you cannot manifest your dreams. If you know about this, you might have read a few books and asked experts about the art of letting go, but it must have converted into a total obsession with your desires.

Obsessing or constantly thinking about your desires is not the most pleasing thing to do. It is good to focus on something you really want in life, but you don’t have to consider the focus 24/7. This article is all about the art of letting go, and by the end of this write-up, you will learn a lot about it. You will understand its significance and how it has a prominent place in the Law of Attraction. So, let us go through the details over here.

Let Go: Meaning

When you let go of your desires, you do not literally stop thinking about them. It actually means you stop worrying about it. When we try to manifest a desire and ask the Universe for the same, it is obvious to experience questions in our mind such as will it manifest soon, how much time will it take to witness in full form, how much do you find it useful and relevant at the moment and whether your manifestation techniques are working or not.

This excess-worrying is nothing but resistance to your more efforts and your communication link with the Universe. It creates doubts in your mind towards the Universe, and you might not experience the same.

Often, people think about their desires so often that they cannot focus on their daily routine and productive tasks such as office work, relationships, personal health care, and so on. Thinking about desires won’t let your normal routine function well. When you do this, you are not sending the right signals to the Universe.

When you let go of your desires and dreams, you do not worry about them while carrying out your normal routine. This portrays the amount of trust you have placed in the Universe. This faith in the Universe will result in the smooth happening of things around you, leading to the manifestation of desires quickly. When there is a strong belief, there is no way to worry. When you believe that the Universe is taking care of your desires and the manifestation process, why do you even need to worry?

You don’t have to be scared of each task on your end, whether it will be manifested in the future or not. You also do not have to exert control over every activity which is beyond your control. You should focus on your schedule and take care of yourself and enjoy the day, and not worry about it. As you raise your vibration, you will stop thinking about whether the Universe is acting for you or not.

People often misconstrue letting go of goals and dreams. When you do this, you do not have to forget your goals or not have any goals. It means you have to let go of the worry attached to the goal-achievement process. The negative feelings such as fear, worry, and anxiety attached to the goals need to be let go and nothing else. If you are obsessed with a goal or are worried about it, you will attract the same as ‘like attracts like’ by the Universe. You will seek more worry or more obsession which is no use. Hence, you need to develop a healthy approach towards the goals to get the same return from the Universe.

If you focus on the lack of goal achievement and are unhappy that your dreams are not yet accomplished, you will attract the same as the Universe will think this is what you want. Another aspect that you can let go of while manifesting goals is the control of the final result. You cannot do that, and there is no way to manifest in as per the Law of Attractions. You can focus only on your present feelings and not alter the mindset of another person and influence his mind. If you try to do it, you are just not trusting the Universe enough. Hence, place your true belief and faith in the Universe, and things will happen smoothly.

Best tips to let go for quicker and better manifestation

Now, how do you let go of your desires? Do you write your desires on paper and burn them? Or do you carry them in a suitcase and discard them in the ocean? How does the process of ‘letting go’ happen? We have a few techniques that you can use to let go and vanish obsession, worrying, and other negativities attached to your goals.

1. Maintain a Manifestation Box

The technique of the manifestation box has been pioneered by Abraham Hicks, a well-known expert in the Law of Attraction. This box helps you to let go of all the worries, obsession, and fears attached to a goal and lets you manifest better. It is a box with which you can set your intentions and forget the negative feelings associated with it.

So, this technique helps you to achieve two goals – setting an intention and letting go of your desires. It is a simple method in which you will need a small box, and you have to write down your intentions on chits and place them inside the box. You should forget about it and keep the box away from you. Continue with your daily life and take concrete actions, and the Universe will take care of the rest of manifestation.

You can even be a little creative and use items such as messages or images related to your goals, jewellery, cash, crystals, or others that make you feel better about your desires and this overall process. When you know that the worries and anxiety are being taken care of by the Universe, you don’t focus on it and feel about your goals. You enter in a flow state and do not have time to ask questions pertaining to your manifestation, but have more positive energy to experience your desires in reality.

2. Alter your mindset

Since your subconscious mind is a massive territory that can be invaded by negativity easily, you need to put special effort into your mindset. It contains every feeling (good or bad), thought, emotion, skill, memory, and lets you shape your personality. It is a good thing to have a positive subconscious mind, but it gets easily invaded. Let us tell you, it is a tough thing to train your subconscious mind daily, but you can do it.

Maybe, someone told you, you will never achieve a certain goal?

Or do you constantly doubt yourself because your parents don’t believe in you?

Or someone told you that it is challenging to achieve a goal, and you assumed that you are one of them?

It is not tough to program your subconscious mind with such thoughts, but with repetitive action and extra effort, you can reprogram it and stop limiting beliefs haunting you. You will be free from doubts, and you will have ample avenues for manifestation.

  • You can use Subliminals and affirmations to train your mind. Ensure that you use something that works for you and not because it is trending on the charts.
  • Have positive people around you and take measures to fight and avoid stress in your life.


3. Meditate often

If there is anything simpler and more effective method to calm your mind and let go of negativity, then it is meditation. The primary reason why people meditate and experts recommend it is that it frees your mind from all the negativity and unwanted thoughts we come across daily. When you meditate, you enter the receiving mode and experience all the energies and blessings of the Universe. You can meditate daily for tons of benefits.

Even 10-15 minutes of relaxation and stillness can let you free your mind from the worries attached to your goals. Your mind will be free from stress and thoughts, and you can focus better during the rest of the day. It is simple, yet people find it too complicated because they expect more in the first sitting. Relax your mind, sit at a comfortable place, close your eyes and chant a mantra or an affirmation. There you go! It won’t happen magically, but it is 100 percent possible, don’t worry!

4. Focus on your action and have more fun

We know how cumbersome it is to keep yourself sane when you have a definite goal in life, and you are actually trying to manifest it. Your life seems to be a roller-coaster ride, but you do not have to stop living. You should learn to enjoy life while chasing after your goals. The best way is to divert your focus from goals to more fun and me-time. When you have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, you seek more fun in return. The emotions you emit are more about happiness and enjoyment, and you get the same things from the Universe.

But if you constantly stress out over goals, feel desperate and do not enjoy at all, you can expect the same misery in return. Some people feel guilty about having fun as they think it is distracting them from their dreams. Hey, it is not the case. When you enjoy, you live life and feel good about yourself. We do not suggest partying all the time as a fun method, but having a positive mindset and indulging in the things you love is a better version of fun.

You can engage in any art or hobby of your liking, such as music, traveling, dancing, etc. When you do the thin you live, your vibration level increases, and your spirituality is much in the balance. So, no more brooding over and worrying about the manifestation process, but putting more effort and having more fun in life.

5. Live the moment

It seems like a popular tagline but should be applied to real practice for better manifestation. We are not talking about taking selfies or posting updates on social media as living the moment, but to noticing and observing what’s around you. In mindfulness, your mind is free from all the past trauma and worry about the future. You should think about that moment and nothing else.

Losing in thoughts is good and okay for a while. But if you constantly think about the past or future and not the present, you are not doing the best thing for yourself. When you manifest for a goal, you will often think about the future consequences, whether your goal will be accomplished or your efforts will be fruitful or futile. This worrying doesn’t let you manifest as you think more about the future and less about the present.

When you are immersed in the present moment, you experience and emit the highest level of vibration as you express gratitude more often and do not allow mental blocks to tamper your mind.  Following are a few methods of how you can be more in the present.

  • Express gratitude. When you do that, you are thankful for a thing that has happened right now.
  • Observe people and things around you. You don’t have to be in Nature for that. Even if you are in your room and observe and register what is around you, you can be in the moment.
  • Focus on your senses. Use your ears, eyes, touch, and other sensory organs to feel the moment. It could be the aroma of a scented candle or the taste of your favourite beverage.
  • Remind yourself. You might divert and fumble up, but you can set reminders and tell yourself to be in the present. You don’t have to be harsh; you can use your mobile or seek the help of a close friend to do so.

It is okay to be worried and desperate about your goals, but if you want to manifest, you should let go of the desires and the negativity associated with them. Just believe in the Universe, and emit more vibrations with happiness and blissful feelings.


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