How Can Meditation Help You Manifest Your Deepest Desires in Life?

Meditation for Manifestation

This article will guide you how to do meditation for manifestation in detail.

The foundation of the success of the Law of Attraction is the energy that you create around yourselves. You visualize, you affirm yourself repeatedly, you set concrete intentions, and you visualize. Technically, you might call them manifestation techniques, but they are expressions of your mental and physical energy. You send them to the Universe via your mind.

We all have thoughts in our minds that we project to the outside world through words, actions, and other things. While we listen to the constant noise outside ourselves, we hardly spend time listening to our own voices and responding to our energies. The communication with the Universe happens in a one-way as do not to put effort into listening to the signs sent by the Universe. If you are engaged in sending out your intention and sharing your desires and dreams with the Universe, you need to make time to receive signals.

Are you still searching for an answer? Yes, you know it right!


Science, ancient medicine, and experts around the world talk about meditation and its benefits these days. You can find that meditation has become more of a trend and industry; you can find free guided meditations to paid meditation experts at your service.
It has amazing effects on every aspect of your health, including mental and physical. When you meditate, you become aware of your mental and physical state and feel good. As a result, you attract the nicest things for yourself. We don’t talk only about materialistic things here, but emotional and mental strength as well. That’s why Law of Attraction experts say that manifestation and meditation go hand in hand.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mindful process in which you focus all your inward energies and release your mind from endless noise and countless thoughts taking place in your mind. Meditation is done to focus your mind, but it can be done in several ways. Some choose to focus on an image or a symbol like Om or breathing patterns. Some even listen to guided meditation tracks or soothing music to focus their thoughts.

In some cultures, meditation is done by chanting a mantra (you can even chant a God’s mantra to seek a blessing).

Meditation is not easy, but this doesn’t mean you should never try it. It is difficult to concentrate and get rid of all the thoughts out of your mind, but you can do it. We have some details at the end for the same. You do not have to push yourselves hard, it will take time, but it will surely happen. When you have thoughts, do not reject them. Accept them, and let them go one by one.

Having read about meditation, let us understand how meditation can help you to manifest your dreams in life.

Meditation for Manifestation : How to achieve goals and manifest desires with meditation?

1.The right way to visualize is to meditate

How do you visualize? If you do it while working on an important project or in a queue, you are perhaps daydreaming and not visualizing. And for some people, it is challenging to create a visual in your mind. Well, you can meditate and visualize and see how it works.

You can visualize effectively if you sit at a place and focus on your thoughts. Yes, in meditation, you do the same. You sit, relax your mind, let go of all the negativity and randomness, and think about a symbol or word. When you implement the Law of Attraction, you can focus on your goal or desires and not the word or music.

You can use those soundtracks to focus or a guided hypnosis program to bring things together. This will help you to focus and then imagine the way you want. When you enter the meditation state, you can focus better and visualize the ideal life you desire.

2. Instead of a meditation mantra, repeat affirmations

It is so easy and convenient to replace a mantra with an affirmation. We are not against mantras; they are certainly the best way to meditate and focus. But if you want to manifest your goals and don’t have a separate time slot for repeating affirmations, then it is the best time to accommodate the affirmation ritual in your meditation routine.

Even when you reach the trance state, your mind is fixed on the affirmation only. If you love to listen to music and meditate, then subliminal affirmations are the perfect things to replace. Subliminal affirmations do not intervene in your conscious mind at all and enter the subconscious, letting the Law of Attraction work better.

Now, let us take an example. If you meditate and chant a mantra, ‘Om,’ replace it with an affirmation that aligns with your goal. Maybe you want to manifest money and financial abundance in your life; you can repeat the affirmation, ‘Money attracts to me easily, and I deserve financial abundance.’

In this way, you will meditate effectively and manifest goals as well with the affirmation technique of the Law of Attraction.

3. Meditation elevates your vibrations and receiving mode.

Law of Attraction works better if you are more into the receiving mode and not just the giving mode. We often complain to the Universe, ask for things, beg for them, but we are not proficient in the art of receiving. Energy is all around us, and it works in two ways: inward and outward. Hence, you cannot expect things to happen and dreams to manifest when you simply send the energy outward. You should also wait for the Universe to send energy to let it take inward.

Let us explain this in detail.

Outward energy mode – When you are in this mode, you send energy to the Universe in various forms. It could be an emotion, an expression, or an action.

Inward energy mode – When you are in this mode, you are in the receiving mode, and you pull the energy sent by the Universe within you.

When you are in a meditative state, you do not speak or emote or emit anything to the world. You are simply at the receiving end and are in the stillness mode. You do not speak a word, use your phone or communicate with everyone. You can get rid of the things that don’t deserve a place in your mind. Moreover, you can concentrate and ask the Universe to send signals for you to receive. When you let go of the thoughts, you can only welcome the new, healthy ones.

Remember that meditation is not a one-time practice, and you cannot expect things to happen in one go. You are supposed to meditate regularly; only then can you manifest dreams better. Take it as a challenge, or make it a healthy habit; the results of effective meditation are guaranteed.

4. Meditation improves your gut feeling

Have you noticed how some people have an amazing gut feeling? Their intuitive powers are so strong that they can make decisions easily, pick up the right choices and trust the right people immediately. This is all because of excellent intuition abilities.

With regular meditation routines, you can develop and enhance your intuition and connect with the higher self. Your connection with the Almighty or the Universe becomes stronger with time and meditation routines. The Universe sends signals, and you can tap them as guided action plans. You will receive all kinds of signs – whether you are on the right track, whether it is love or just an emotion, whether you should seek someone’s advice or follow a particular path.

5. Meditation helps you be immersed in the action and get into the flow

We are all aware of the flow state, but the outside world does not allow you to do so. When you work on something interesting, you are engaged in it completely and become focused.

When you are in the meditative state, you are far from social media and the digital world. It might seem challenging to be in the flow state but it is possible. It will take time, lots of meditation daily, and you will soon be there. The flow state is an essential element in the manifestation process as you can take action on your desires effectively.

As you receive signals from the Universe and seek all the inspired guidance, you can take meaningful action steps. This will lead to reaching the flow state easily.

Tips for entering the meditative state easily

In order to utilize meditation for manifestation, you need to learn how to meditate effectively. As a matter of fact, all can meditate, but not all find it easy to do the same. It is struggling to get rid of the thoughts and worries – constant thoughts about projects, next meeting, past trauma, and others. Do not expect to seek focus in the first routine itself. It will take weeks and even months to enter into the trance state.

It is better if you don’t treat it like a target. It is not a meeting or a simple errand that you have to do in the specified time. You are supposed to go slow as you cannot play with your mind and force it to sit down and focus.

  1. Do not expect yourself to meditate for one hour when you are just starting out. Do it for five minutes first, and then allow your mind to adjust to the new habit.
  2. Find your comfort zone. Yes, you have to find the place and time where you are comfortable.
  3. Utilize the available tools to enter the trance state easily, such as the binaural beat program and guided hypnosis track. Choose ones that align with your desires.
  4. Observe your thoughts, accept them and let them go. Do not judge them or criticize yourself for having them in your mind.

Steps for a perfect meditation for manifestation routine

Now, you know the benefits and tips, but here is the process to follow.

1. The setting

You need a place where you won’t be distracted. Home would be ideal but ensure that your family members know you would be meditating for a certain while. You can use candles or lights as per your preferences. An important thing to do is to switch off your phone and be far from the noise.

2. Take your time to relax

It won’t be easy if you are stressed out with office work or personal problems. But you ought to relax your body and mind for some time. Only then can you expect your mind to accept signals from the Universe. You can lie down, sit on a mat, close your eyes or keep them open. Choose something that suits you.

3. Identify what maintains your focus

It could be an affirmation or a mantra, or a symbol, or soothing music. When you know what helps you gain focus, incorporate it into your routine.

4. Believe that it will work

It is normal to have thoughts such as, ‘Is it really working for me?’ but you should know how to get rid of them. Believe and trust in the process; it is happening; your vibration is increasing, and you are receiving signs from the Universe.

In short, meditation and manifestation can be blended together to manifest dreams and desires in life. With practice, you can implement this strategy easily.

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