How to Identify Your Souls Purpose?

Discover Your Souls Purpose

Are we born with a souls purpose? Or is it just a myth? Believe us for a while, and we will let us know this answer. Some people know what they want to do in life and what their purpose is. It is easy for them. But some people tug onto life for years without any purpose and get frustrated with the time and don’t know why they are even surviving. Yes, these are the people who undergo midlife crises, and we don’t think there is a shame in that. It is not your fault not to be aware of your soul’s purpose.

Having a purpose doesn’t mean everyone needs to have a passion and should strive for it. For example, you are born with a purpose to change the world, help the needy and make a difference in their lives. Or you might have a simple sense of focusing on individual growth and figuring out your career path, and taking it to the peak level. Hence, there is no right or wrong purpose, ethical or unethical purpose; it is simply a purpose.

If you are recently confused with your soul’s purpose, want to quit one path and adopt another, or don’t know what your purpose is, this article is exclusively for your reference. Let us understand the basic steps of identifying your soul’s purpose and aiming for it.

1. Reflect on your life and notice the patterns/phases

Have you ever watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness? The protagonist divides his life into different phases and names each one of them. You can even look back at your life, reflect on it and determine the good and bad phases in it. There will be numerous and twisty ups and downs, and you simply need to record the same. The next step is not the recurring experiences. You will find that there is a visible pattern in your life incidents. These are the phases in which you grow, learn wisdom, and feel a number of things.

When you undergo a negative phase in life, you don’t have to remember only the unfavourable events and the thoughts you had. You can work positively on your past traumas and build optimistic feelings for yourself. For example, if you have fought all problems in your life alone without any support, you must have learned how to be your own best friend. As a result, you are emotionally and physically independent and can handle projects and overall life.

You can apply the learning from these experiences and frame your life purpose.

  1. If you are independent and self-reliant, you are born to be a leader.
  2. You love taking care of others and are empathetic; you can be a caretaker or a teacher.

It doesn’t always mean that you should learn from your negative experiences. Even positive trends can show a lot about your soul’s purpose. If you have spent a maximum of your time on the field trying out different sports and specializing in one, you have a natural talent for it. You are meant to be a sports player. Similarly, if you like cooking, you can find your soul’s purpose in becoming a cook and running your own cloud kitchen.

The key is to study the themes and find a way to your souls purpose. Learn from both negative and positive experiences, and you will almost seek the idea.

2. Reminisce the inner child and know what he/she wants to say

When you are a cute, little child, you almost know your soul’s purpose, whether it is to be a doctor, a writer, or a musician. You spend most of the time doing the task you love, and that is connected to the inner purpose. But then comes the society, the career opportunities, the income-generating worries, and other things that hold you back from doing what you like.

When you are a child, you are pure, and your soul does not know the outside world and its complexities. You do not know the perks and cons of being an adult, and that is the best thing to be.

Imagine yourself as a child. Did you run because someone told you that is a high-paying job? Did you write because you knew you had thousands of readers out there? Did you sing because you wanted people to watch and listen to on the television? You don’t care about what others say or how much you earn when you are a child. You simply listen to your intuition and do what you are interested in.

If you don’t know what to do in life next, the best way is to reconnect with your inner child and know what he is saying. Remember the younger version and recollect what you used to do and talk about the future. Well, some of us might be saying we want to be a rocket scientist, and it is not possible right now. But don’t worry, you will find something that aligns with the current present scenario.

You can meditate and recollect the activities that made you happy. You don’t have to completely rely on your inner child but seek inspiration. If you want to reignite your passion, relieving the childhood memories is an incredible thing to do. Just reminisce the pure impression of your soul, and you can connect to your life purpose then.

3. Express gratitude for the natural gifts you are blessed with

Do you listen a lot or can read any stuff that comes across your way? Maybe you have a sense of humour, or you can review and explain things nicely. All have natural gifts; the thing is, we do not accept and realize that it is a gift. We take our gifts for granted. If you have been wondering about your soul’s purpose, you need to first acknowledge your natural gifts.

Some of you might even think that you are not blessed with any gifts. Hey, it is not possible. If you can do a 9-5 job and run a successful household that is your natural gift. You can ask your friends and family, and they will be happy to let you know about the gifts. Maybe it is your honesty or caring nature, or a quality that keeps you connected with the world.

The key is to nature these gifts and utilize them to achieve your souls purpose. You will find that your gifts and your inner purpose are inter-connected. So, just take a step ahead and work on your natural gifts.

4. Know what makes you happy and follow it

We are happy, but we don’t know the source of our happiness. It is naturally the things we do, but we avoid it and take the route others adopt and try to find success. If you feel happy and excited about a thing, it is a gift from the Universe. Don’t ignore it, do more of it.

If you are confused with what makes you happy, you can follow a few tips:

  1. Maintain a journal and note down which activities made you feel blissful.
  2. List all the wonderful things that make you happy, right from your childhood.
  3. Identify the patterns and do more of those things.
  4. Allow the thing to be your souls purpose. Do not let it be a free time activity.

Happiness and purpose are interconnected. When you are happy, you have a purpose, and when you have a purpose and work for it, you are happy. See?

5. Always take the desired action

We can never stress enough about the action part involved in the Law of Attraction. Several people know what they want to do in life and what their souls purpose is, but they avoid it altogether. They either prefer to relax in their comfort zones or are lethargic enough to take action. They are worried, scared, frustrated, and do not follow the path that the Universe has already carved for them. Or you may feel that it is risky to follow your soul’s purpose when the inflation rate is rising, and your parents are against your passion.

Well, you ought to take the leap of faith if you want to be happy and excited and let the Universe know that you are up to it. When you get engaged with the action connected to the soul’s purpose, things will fall in place, and you will notice the changes in your surroundings and people too. Do not force it, just watch it happen.

What will you do if you had zero financial worries and had the time, money, and physical strength? That’s what you have to do. List out dreams and take action towards them. If you face setbacks, don’t worry. The Universe is testing you, and you have to be strong to overcome them.

To summarize, your souls purpose should start with you and your mindset and then be followed by the action element. If you are completely true to yourself and strive to be where you are meant to be, the Universe will support you all the time.

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