75 Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss / Belly Fat Loss That Really Work!

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

It is always frustrating to have those love handles, belly fat, and to be out of shape. No one likes that. The only dream you have is to be lean and slim and have a flat belly. But do you find the overall process overwhelming? Then, this article is for you.

When you apply the Law of Attraction, merely working out at the gym or doing ab crunches won’t work. It should be backed with a positive mindset. For example, if you do ab crunches or accept a belly fat workout challenge, and doubt yourself all the time during the session, then you are going against the Universe. You are putting it into action, but your mindset is not healthy.

To lose belly fat, you also need to be mentally strong and affirmative. You need to train your subconscious mind that you are doing well in the gym and you can get rid of the rigid belly fat effectively. Affirmations are excellent and key to overcoming negative thoughts and faulty thinking patterns that have sunk in our minds for years. With these affirmations, you can reprogram your thoughts and convince yourself that you are on the right track. Let us go through some of these positive affirmations, specifically for weight or belly fat loss.

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

  1. I can lose my belly fat quickly and without any major obstacles.
  2. I deserve to be healthy and slim and have strong core muscles. I can get rid of belly fat and gain a lean stomach soon.
  3. I love to do belly exercises as they make me lean and glowing.
  4. I have a rapid metabolic rate which helps me to lose belly fat quickly.
  5. I love to cook healthy meals during the day and enjoy relishing them. I am a person who eats wholesome meals and chooses healthy food items.
  6. I accept myself, the way I look, and the weight that I have today, and I know that I will become leaner and healthier day by day.
  7. I love my body, and I know that my body shape has nothing to do with my soul. But I respect my body and its requirements, and hence, I take complete care of myself.
  8. I have time and liberty to cook healthy meals to be healthy and lean.
  9. My body knows when I overeat, and I respect when my brain tells me to stop eating and feel satisfied with what I consumed.
  10. I am proud of myself, the way I choose healthy meals and food options, and exercise regularly.
  11. I am thankful to the whole Universe for blessing me with a healthy body and a healthy body weight.
  12. I am good at making healthy decisions and choices about the food I consume and the habits that I have to help me in weight loss.
  13. My friends, family, life partner, and peers love me and respect me despite my weight and physical appearance.
  14. I am healthy and attractive, and people adore me wherever I go.
  15. People around me appreciate my positive energy, and mindset and they feel loved when they talk to me.
  16. I feel light, radiated, energetic and positive all day.
  17. I respect the food on my plate, and I have an intuitive and healthy attitude towards eating. I pick up healthy meals and feel a sense of gratitude while eating.
  18. I love to exercise, and I feel positive and radiated each time I workout in the gym or at home.
  19. There is seamless coordination between my body, mind, and soul, and this perfect blend helps me lose weight effectively.
  20. I feel confident in the clothes I wear.
  21. I carry all outfits comfortably, and people love the way I walk.
  22. The clothes in which I didn’t fit in have become much bigger for me now, and I am happy with the way I look in them.
  23. It is natural for me to lose belly fat without compromising my health.
  24. I eat every meal consciously without any worry about calorie consumption or carbs.
  25. My hormones, my metabolism, and my genes are all in favour of the weight loss journey I have undertaken.
  26. I love and eat only fat-losing foods.
  27. I do weight loss exercises without any stress or boredom.
  28. As I lose each pound of weight, I feel lighter and better, and I radiate positively.
  29. While on a weight loss journey, I am positive and cheerful with everyone around me, and they love the way I live.
  30. I do not take inside the negative energy that blocks my weight-loss path.
  31. I have an easy and healthy digestive system, letting food assimilate into my system quickly.
  32. I listen to my body and never go against it, and do not indulge in binge-eating.
  33. I do not follow trends of social eating and binge eating, and I only focus on conscious eating habits.
  34. I feed my body with healthy, homely meals that nourish from within and provide all nutrients as needed.
  35. I believe in my weight loss journey and the efforts that I put in.
  36. I am 100 percent confident that I will achieve my weight loss goal.
  37. I have all the power and liberty to lose weight and improve my health.
  38. My relationship with wholesome meals is healthy and devoid of any guilt.
  39. I am thankful to the Universe for blessing me with an immense ability to exercise in the gym.
  40. I am patient with my body requirements and respect them all the time.
  41. I understand my food cravings and do not let them tamper with my weight loss goals.
  42. My health is my priority, and I treat it as an important goal.
  43. I am decreasing in size and becoming healthy and lean day by day.
  44. I release all the guilt towards the food I consume.
  45. I have all healthy and nutritious foods within my reach, and I simply love them.
  46. I am good at picking up healthy foods, vegetables, and fruits at the store, and I love the things I want.
  47. I love to experiment with different weight loss and fat loss workouts.
  48. I love to do 21-day or 30-day belly fat loss challenges, comprising of varying workouts.
  49. I love to enjoy eating slowly and relish each bite you eat.
  50. I am in complete control of my healthy habits.
  51. I do not have desire and cravings for junk and unhealthy foods anymore.
  52. My weight is perfect for my height.
  53. My new weight loss diet is giving me immense joy and happiness.
  54. My appetite is regulated and does not control me.
  55. I love how my hard work is paid off as I work on my weight loss goals effortlessly.
  56. I feel peaceful when I eat healthy foods and exercise daily.
  57. I prepare meals with high-quality foods and ingredients.
  58. As I eat healthily every day, it becomes easy for me to lose weight and belly fat.
  59. My body curves are unique, and I look lovely.
  60. I choose outfits that accentuate my body features and shape.
  61. I am beautiful and slender, and I love the way I look in the mirror.
  62. Eating is not a crime; food is not my rival or enemy, but my close friend.
  63. When someone offers me delicious but unhealthy food, I have the control to say ‘no, thanks’ politely.
  64. I am sure that my healthy habits will remain forever.
  65. I attract people sharing similar weight loss goals and who help me stick to my routine.
  66. I have a natural ability to build new habits that help me to stay healthy and slim.
  67. It is fun to lose weight and know more about the healthy weight loss process.
  68. I am shrinking every day, and I still look alive and awesome.
  69. I do not waste time thinking about hunger pangs or cravings; I simply eat fruit instead.
  70. I love myself at every size, I do not hate myself.
  71. When I eat healthily, I feel confident and experience positivity each day.
  72. As I exercise, I oxygenate my muscles, and they become lean and strong.
  73. As I work out, I feel my size is shrinking, and my muscles are becoming stronger day by day.
  74. I love my workouts and my gym, and I am not too fond of cheating as it never helps.
  75. It is easy to pass on the junk food as it doesn’t make me happy and full anymore.

Practicing these positive affirmations for weight loss will help you in losing weight or reducing belly fat. But this needs to be backed by meaningful and intended action steps such as healthy eating and workouts.

Say these positive affirmations for weight loss to yourself aloud, or meditate or write them in a journal. Repeat them by heart, and you will notice the difference soon.

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Stay positive, lose weight faster!

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