Writing To Your Guardian Angel

In these times of turmoil, I am approached by many members of the public who are looking for some type of spiritual lifeline to hang onto. The appalling behavior that we are seeing all around is shocking. Many members of humanity have been exposed as not being able to adhere to the basic philosophical tenet of the Golden Rule, which is to treat each other as we would wish to be treated. Many people of good cheer and kind spirits are horrified and losing hope. I tell them all about the technique that has helped me in my darkest times, and if you do this, I know it will help you too. Write a letter to your Guardian Angel!

As a member of the Clergy, I truly believe in God and the Angels. I have seen miraculous things in my life, and I am sure that we all have our own Angel, set over us to help and guide us on our spiritual path. Your Guardian Angel is just waiting for you to reach out and ask for help. Another wonderful thing about writing a letter to your Angel is that you can ascend spiritually over any situation that is giving you cause for concern. Life in the world currently is very dramatic and scary. Many members of humanity are acting predatory and base, and if we are spiritual people, we will never be able to descend to their level to cause any positive change. We need to rise above the turmoil, so that we soar over our troubles and worries with the eyes of our Guardian Angel. Once we are in that place of Light and Love, the answers will come if you let them.

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Writing to your Guardian Angel

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Here are a few guidelines to writing to your Guardian Angel.

  1. Try to set the mood to contact your Guardian Angel. Find some quiet time for yourself where you will not be disturbed. Play some lovely healing music to let your mind relax. Use the nicest pen and paper that you have to write your letter, and make sure to tuck your letter away in a safe place that has power for you. For me, I like to tuck my letters beside Psalm 91 in my Bible, as this Psalm has special significance for me. Wherever has special significance for you is where you need to leave your letter.
  2. Start off your letter to your Angel with gratitude and thanks. Make sure to really connect to an attitude of gratitude, because this will cause a spiritual energy in your life to begin to attract more blessings. The more thankful we are for what we already have, the more abundance will rush into our lives.
  3. After giving thanks, make sure to take your cares and worries to your Angel. Let it all out. You can say whatever you need to say to unburden your heart because your Angel wants you to be spiritually free and joyful and will help you achieve that, if you only ask. The Angels want to help, and they love to be asked!
  4. Finish off the letter with thanks for the blessings that are currently on their way to you, and then release the letter for the highest good of all. Always make sure to ask for the…
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