Feng Shui Items for Good Luck, Good Fortune, and Wealth in 2023!

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Feng shui is all about setting up the energy flow in your home so that you can attract good fortune, good luck, and new opportunities from the Universe.

The energy flow equates to all areas of your life running more smoothly, with old energy falling away and being replaced by fresh Chi!

One way you can use feng shui to your advantage is to add feng shui items for good luck to your home.

Adding just one or two feng shui lucky items to specific areas of your home or office can help attract auspicious energy to that area of your life!

Let’s discuss the best items for good luck and where to place them!

Feng Shui Items for Good Luck (& Their Meanings!)

feng shui laughing buddha
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Feng Shui Laughing Buddha

The feng shui laughing Buddha statue represents the monk Budai, who was known for his happy, joyful personality and his love for children.

A laughing Buddha statue attracts positive energy, joy, happiness, good fortune, and abundance!

It’s perfect to place near your front door, in your feng shui wealth bowl, on the wealth corner of your desk, or in the wealth corner of your home or office.

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feng shui coins tied with red string

Feng Shui Coins

Feng shui coins (or Chinese coins) represent good luck, good fortune, wealth, abundance, and financial success.

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They can be used as a feng shui cure for wealth and good fortune, or they are often included as parts of other feng shui wealth and good luck items, like feng shui frogs, goldfish, or the yuan bao.

You can place feng shui coins on or near your front door, in your feng shui wealth bowl or feng shui wealth vase, in your home or office’s wealth area, or even in your wallet to attract good luck and good fortune!

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lucky bamboo in glass bowl on small table with candles

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is plant that is often given to new homeowners, new business owners, or even newlyweds to attract success and good fortune.

You can purchase lucky bamboo plants with specific numbers of stalks to attract specific intentions, like marriage, wealth, good luck, or even a long life.

You can place a feng shui lucky bamboo plant near your front door, in your entryway, near your business’ cash register or front door, on your desk’s wealth area, or even in your home’s love and relationship area to increase good luck!

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evil eye amulets

Feng Shui Evil Eye Symbol

The evil eye symbol is often used as a symbol for protection – warding off evil spirits and even the jealousy or bad wishes of others.

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Because it’s used to ward off negative energy, that means it will be much easier to attract good luck and good fortune into your home.

Place the feng shui evil eye symbol near your front door or even in your front yard to protect everyone in your home from negative energy.

You can also wear an evil eye symbol to protect yourself as you move throughout your day!

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feng shui metal and wood wind chimes

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

In feng shui, wind chimes are used to attract fresh energy while breaking up old, stagnant energy.

They do this with both movement and sound.

They can also be used to attract specific blessings, good luck, and good fortune to different areas of your life, depending on the imagery, materials, and number of rods they have.

You can place feng shui wind chimes outside, near the front door of your home or business. You can also place them in different areas of your home, like your home’s wealth area to stir up energy and attract attention from the Universe!

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feng shui mandarin ducks for attracting good luck in love and marriage

Mandarin Ducks

In feng shui, mandarin ducks are used as a way to strengthen a marriage or attract a romantic partner.

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They represent good luck, good fortune, and auspicious Chi in your long-term relationship.

They’re often given as wedding presents to increase luck in marriage.

But they can also be used as a feng shui item to attract good luck in a new or current relationship or romance.

You can place feng shui mandarin ducks near your front door to attract a new romantic partner, in your bedroom to strengthen your relationship or marriage, or in your home’s love area to activate it and increase romance in your life.

For even more auspicious relationship energy, try using mandarin ducks made out of rose quartz!

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dream catchers hanging outside

Dream Catcher

A feng shui dream catcher is used to attract good luck in two different ways.

One, it can be used outside of your home (like on your porch or patio) or in a window to attract good fortune and protect your home from negative energy.

Two, dream catchers can be used in the bedroom, to attract good dreams and “catch” and protect you from bad dreams or psychic…

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