From Hands On to Virtual: A Transitioning Practice

I have been a holistic wellness practitioner since 2012. Through all the years that I have been practicing Reiki and other complimentary holistic modalities, I have gained experience and knowledge from working on my own healing journey as well as working with Reiki clients. Like a lot of us when we first start out, there has been a lot of trial and error in my practice. But through the years, I began developing a style of practice that really resonates with me as well as my soul clients.

In 2018, I dedicated myself whole-heartedly to my practice after becoming unemployed. I felt I needed to step up my game if I was going to provide better support to my clients and step fully into my path as a holistic wellness specialist. I took speaking classes, I hired a holistic business coach, and bought all kinds of crystals and other healing supplies. I painted and revamped my home studio, made YouTube videos, created a website, and continued to write articles that were published. I made connections with other wellness practitioners, booked speaking engagements, and began teaching, too.

As many practitioners have had to do, I was forced to return to the workforce because of my financial commitments. So, in May of 2019, I went back to my legal profession. I told myself that I could have a healthy balance between both my job (legal) and my career (spiritual). However, the reality is that my career took a backseat to the job because of the high stress, high demand, and amount of mental focus it took to do the work required of me. I had done so much healing and spiritual development in my career that the first year at the job went well for me.

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Shortly after my one-year anniversary at the job and after a glowing evaluation by my superiors, I began to feel empty, however. I began realizing what being a superstar at my job had cost me. I was beginning to hear the familiar call of my spiritual path, and then the Universe started to make my life uncomfortable after a series of personal events. It was now the beginning of summer in the pandemic year, and I knew I needed to refocus my attention on my spiritual path and career to improve the aspects of my life which were now feeling the effects of this neglect.

Amidst the pandemic, I decided to do what no one else would have done in my shoes. I booked a trip to beautiful and magical Sedona, Arizona. I felt the need for a spiritual retreat. After this five-day personal retreat, I returned to Miami with a renewed sense of purpose and with more clarity about my life purpose and what really mattered in my life: providing holistic wellness opportunities at a higher level to my community, even if it meant including virtual services.

On the job front, my interest in being on top of things began to fall by the wayside. I was no longer “on top of my game.” I began making mistakes because my heart was no longer in it! Sure, I was working from home, but the work was still as demanding as when we were in the office….

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